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Most people consider biotechnology is only used in the agriculture field to develop genetically modified crops and seeds buy it has vast uses in various fields. One of the uses of biotechnology is managing waste materials for a better environment. Biotechnology involves the technique that can use living systems and organisms to develop or make products for humans.

According to the expert of biotechnology assignment help services biotechnology provide the solution, that can help for monitoring and avoid the risk of contaminated sites, cleaning up water, soil, and air. 


As large production of waste is inevitable activity, the entire society is highly affected by this. Dealing with this problem the biotech scientists has developed some techniques to manage the waste effective manner. The policies of waste management are adopted by various countries to reduce its harmful effects. The students of biotechnology should have aware of this topic and its technique. 

Introduction of Waste Management

Waste management is the process to manage waste from its inception to its disposal. This includes the collection, transport, treatment, and disposal of waste materials and involves the monitoring and regulation of the waste management process. Waste is produced by human activities it can be in form of solid, liquid, and gaseous. Each type of waste material has a different method of disposal and management. Waste management deals with all types of waste like biological, industrial, biomedical, radioactive waste. During the process of waste management, many harmful chemicals come out that affect the environment and human health. Health issues can also arise directly or indirectly.

According to the expert of biotechnology assignment help, the waste generation will increase from 2.3 billion tonnes to 3.7 billion tonnes by 2050. Manage waste is a complex concept but it is necessary for the environment.



Role of Biotechnology in Waste Management


If the same production and consumption continue then the day will nearly to come when we see a large amount of waste at every corner. Here, we will understand how biotechnology helps to manage waste for resolving the global problem. Biotechnology offers many methods for waste management in form of treatment of wastewater by biological method and disposal of solid waste by composting technique.


In the treatment of air emission, treatment of sludge, oxidation pond, biofilters, and anaerobic filter, in all that biotechnology provides treatment methods. In all these methods, it is essential to find such microorganisms that can degrade organic substances to regulate the treatment method for waste management.


As a student of biotechnology, when you learn the treatment method of waste material by assignment, the biotechnology assignment help experts will help you to understand it clearly. This method is completely ecologically friendly.


 Some Other Waste and Waste Policies


To resolve the public problem of waste dumping, it is necessary to have the involvement of the government. There are many environmental impacts identified associated with waste management. The fact claimed by the biotechnology homework help expert, many hazardous toxins come out from this waste, and some are linked with greenhouse gases.

Some of the wastes are as follows that badly impact the environment.


Electronic Waste-

As the growing technology and its application devices, the waste of electronic material and equipment are increasing day by day. It has a large proportion amount of waste. According to a report, biotechnology assignment help’s expert claims that the USA is the large producer of e-waste.


Textile Waste and Plastic Waste-

Embedded chemicals and mixed fiber make it difficult to recycle textile waste. Another most contribution to waste material is plastic waste. The strategies are followed by the government and people to recycle plastic products.



Hence, it’s time to come when we should use to biotechnology method to dispose of the waste material under waste management as per the expert of biotechnology assignment help. 

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