Summer Anthems

Summer Anthems

So Summer is officially here - or it's suppose to be - one minute the sun is shining, the next it's dull and cloudy, but ah well I suppose us Brits are used to it. Some of us will be prepping for our holidays and some will be awaiting the end of work/ exams to have a relaxing summer. However, no ones summer is complete without a good tune that will bring back memories when you listen to it. Last year, my holiday jam was Intoxicated by Martin Solveig. Every bar and club in Kavos were blasting it 24/7 so by the end of the week it was jammed into my head. Basically I'm going to give you a couple of up coming songs that will definitely be your summer anthem.

1. Galantis - No Money

Galantis are no strangers when it comes to summer music. Last year, we seen the likes of "Runaway" and "Peanut Butter Jelly" which were very popular with the charts. The duo are consistent throughout their songs keeping the genre of electronic dance.The song contains joyous synths, catchy vocals and is up beat. It makes you want to dance and creates an image in a night club abroad. Ahh them summer vibes.

2. Kungs vs. Cookin' On 3 Burners - This Girl

This is my favourite song out at the moment which is a popular shout as it's no.1 in the Top 40. The sizzling hot dance anthem consists of soulful melodies combined with a groovy  house beat and echoing vocals. This song makes you feel so chilled out, but makes you want to have fun at the same time. I feel the music video sends the message across perfectly. As a couple are on an island exploring and having fun on a beach with the sun set in the background. Now isn't that just bliss.

3. Lee Walker vs DJ Deeon ft. Katy B - Freak Like Me

This tune is already apart of my summer anthems. I've recently been to Parklife Festival where this tune was played a lot, from the likes of Hannah Wants to Annie Mac. It's without a doubt the house record of the summer. The lyrics are straight forward, "You need a freak like me to make love to your body" repeated over again, it will soon become your favourite song.

4. Drake ft Kyla & Wizkid - One Dance

One Dance has been blasting out in clubs all over the UK and I'm sure it will continue throughout the summer or even the rest of the year, it's that good! The tune is so infectious I love it. It's an afrobeat song with dancehall inflections. The chorus of the song is taken from the original Kylas "Do You Mind" back in 2008. I love how it goes from Drake rapping away to a slowed down rhythm. Defintley one to watch this summer!

5. Bob Marley ft LVNDSCAPE & Bolier - Is This Love

Electronic artists LVNDSCAPE and Bolier have come together to create a new summer remix on Bob Marley's classic song, "Is This Love". Reggae has a summer vibe to it anyway, as it's Jamaican, but this remix adds a little extra. It's very current turned into a dancefloor tune. So watch out for the skinny white girls who think they can twerk on the dancefloor.  



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