Manufacturing Plants Maintenance Tips

Manufacturing Plants Maintenance Tips

Oct 19, 2021, 3:58:40 AM Business

Manufacturing plant maintenance is not easy, but it is critical for a company to meet its production goals and deadlines. Getting there takes time, effort, and investment, but the following tips can make things easier for plant managers and maintenance staff to establish an effective maintenance plan that will streamline their production process and protect the manufacturer’s investments and ROI.

Clean your drainage system

Check and clean the drainage system around the office premises throughout the year to remove any debris. Also, thoroughly clean dirt or grime and replace any missing caulk.

Check the HVAC system

Change filters out once a month. Hire an HVAC professional for semi-annual maintenance to keep it operating correctly and potentially stave off an expensive replacement.

Flush out any plumbing

As part of the regular manufacturing plant maintenance process, check office toilets and remove any grime or hair buildup in there, remove any gunk that accumulates near toilet valves, and replace worn flappers.

Address insect problems

Don’t let bug problems escalate inside the office space. Be especially cautious of wood-destroying bugs. Also, watch out for supersized beehives and call in a professional to get the office yard sprayed.

Fire hazards

Position your rubbish bins away from heat and ignition sources. Always keep the office walkways and fire exits clear to reduce hazards. Ensure heaters are approved for commercial use. Never leave them unattended or near any combustible materials.

Emergency equipment inspection

Schedule a regular review of your workplace safety measures, equipment, and tools to ensure that you can respond to emergency situations if necessary. Perform regular checks on your fire extinguisher, first-aid kit, and emergency power generators.

Preventive maintenance

Schedule regular preventive maintenance for production machinery to reduce the risk of unplanned downtime. Preventive maintenance also increases the lifespan of machines.

Daily Maintenance

Generally, all types of heavy machinery will require some kind of daily maintenance. Machinery with moving parts, such as those in engines and powertrains, must be lubricated frequently with appropriate lubricants to ensure smooth operation and prevent unexpected shutdowns.

Avoid Contamination

Some machines are prone to contamination as well, so they will have to be cleaned regularly. Seals and filters should be monitored and replaced when necessary to minimize the risk of contamination or corrosion.

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