5 More Tips for Workplace Safety Improvement

5 More Tips for Workplace Safety Improvement

Feb 12, 2021, 3:53:45 AM Business

Safety in the workplace is a core responsibility of any employer. Accidents can occur in any organization, sometimes leading to serious consequences, deaths, hefty OSHA fines, loss of goodwill, and even lawsuits. Fortunately, this article will focus on some more tips for workplace safety improvement, but let’s focus on workplace injuries for now.

OSHA was founded with three primary objectives:

  • To promote workplace safety
  • To prevent workplace injuries
  • To educate/assist workers and employers

Organizations that don’t have ample safety measures in place or are not ensuring employee safety face hefty OSHA fines. Thankfully, there are many ways workplace safety can be improved – ensuring compliance with OSHA. While we’ve already shared some useful and effective tips for safety in the workplace, here are some more workplace safety tips every organization and safety professional must be aware of.

5 more tips for workplace safety improvement

Ensure ample first aid stations and training

Accidents are unannounced, inevitable, and sometimes, unavoidable. If the injured gets immediate attention, the effects can be mitigated. If your organization has a lot of workplace risks present, ensure that ample and easily accessible first aid stations are present. Moreover, train employees so that they can respond in emergencies. Also, keep the first aid stations well-stocked.

Inform new employees about workplace risks

Informing new recruits about existing workplace risks is one of the underrated tips that enhance workplace safety. Workplace safety is a joint effort – it requires initiatives from both the employer and workers. Inform the newcomers about the workplace risks they might face during the first training session. Provide statistics related to injuries, if possible, as it helps establish transparency. The next step should be informing them of the safety measures in place – cementing the fact that you’re focused on their safety.

Provide the workers with the required gear

Organizations have different environments, safety risks, functions, and operations – leading to different requirements for safety. For instance, physicians have very different requirements compared to construction workers. Ensure that customized tools that guarantee protection are provided – helping improve efficiency and safety for everyone involved.

Moreover, specific tasks or processes require specialized equipment – provide the ones that optimize safety for everyone. For example, construction workers have different needs than those working in manufacturing. Before introducing new materials, machinery, or processes, employees must be trained and tested to see if they can perform the operations smoothly – a small mistake or slip can be dangerous! Also, whenever a new worker, process, or tool is introduced, arrange a training session that helps everyone to see how it works. Doing so prevents costly accidents and unwanted consequences such as hefty fines.


Reduce employee stress and encourage breaks

Responsible organizations consider the mental pressure overworking might put on employees, as that might lead to chronic stress. Mental stress, as well as employee burnout, can be reduced by requiring employees to take short breaks – include this within your policy. Try to identify if they are being overworked, and if that’s the case, take steps to reduce the extra workload by talking to their supervisors to work on resolving the issue. This is one of the more crucial tips for workplace safety improvement.

Provide an ergonomic environment

Ergonomics comes up whenever workplace safety is discussed, and that is because it can significantly boost the latter. Ergonomics focuses on equipment or furniture that is comfortable to use which can hugely benefit employees. Providing workers with comfortable workstations equipped with proper lighting is a must. For the employees that have existing conditions like back pain, provide them with ergonomic chairs, tables, etc. that help reduce pain.

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