August Faves

August was a pretty great month. I got to visit NYC, cosplay at Boston Comic Con, collect some cool stuff, and become completely obsessed with Fallout 4 😆
So, I figured I'd blog about some of my favorite things I picked up/discovered last month.
1. Star Wars Vader Tee

I found this at Target, and naturally had to have it given the content and tee style. Plus it's lower in the back just in case I wanted to wear it with yoga pants 🤐

Continuing with the Star Wars theme, my next fav thing is my new travel set of chopsticks from Skater. The design makes me smile, it's fantastic. And now I'll always have a set I can pack with lunch!

I got these from Amazon to add more fun to my monthly planner and journal. The price for the bunny stickers was great for how many come in a pack, so I'll def be purchasing more soon! UGH, THE CUTENESS. I CANT. And the highlighters come in such pleasant colors that don't bleed and are the perfect amount of transparency!

Also from Amazon, this silicon Totoro case is as wonderful as it is hillariouly ginormous. If you also love Totoro, I recommend getting one of these (they come in different colors and iPhone sizes). I've been getting a lot of compliments on this, and also a lot of "OMG what is that thing?? Is that an iPhone case??" from friends and coworkers. It's kind of the best.

Okay, I know this game came out a while ago, but that was back when I was between consoles and had to live vicariously through people playing on YouTube. But now I FINALLY have an Xbox One, and lucky for me this came with it FOH FREE. Words cannot describe my obsession with this game. I spend just as much time on side quests as I do collecting aluminum cans in abandoned warehouses. I've long since forgotten the main mission of finding my infant son. Seriously, Shaun who??

I started reading this comic book in August and I'm currently on Vol. 4 (and that's only because they're waitlisted at my local online library). It's a horror/thriller/drama/...fantasy? It features beautiful artwork and full-color panels along with some great writing and characters. It's so cinematic, AMC should make it a TV show.

So those are some of my fave things from August!  What are your recent obsessions/cool stuff you've discovered? Comment down below!

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