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I am by no means a language teacher, just a self taught enthusiast who has found a passion for learning languages. I studied German and French in school for 3 years and as with most people who did this I came out with little to no useful knowledge of the language and a very little motivation to try again. My journey started when I booked a surprise trip for my girlfriend’s birthday to Rome and decided that as an extra surprise I wanted to be able to speak the language when we arrived so I could order us food and book into the hotel. At the time I had a 2 hour round trip to work, so I sat in the car for the next three months listening to an audiobook course and, by the end of it, had beaten my goal. I could understand conversations around me and construct my own sentences away from the standard travel phrases. I was hooked! I have continued to develop my Italian ever since and even picked up some other languages to varying levels along the way.
I decided to create a place for travel tips, language tricks, suggestions for useful resources or products and my own success and failures to help you avoid the same pitfalls when joining the amazing language learning journey. I am always happy to help so feel free to contact me directly if you have any specific questions.
Just a note… Any products that I suggest or review are based solely on my thoughts and findings from using them myself in my own learning and are in no way endorsed. If I find it helpful then you may do too.
Happy language learning!

P.s - For a full archive of all my posts check out my From Pillar to Posts blog

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