10 Tips to keep your self storage safe!

10 Tips to keep your self storage safe!

Sep 19, 2018, 9:37:27 PM Business

You are finally ready to move your stuff to the self storage. You have done a lot of research in searching an appropriate self storage which is conveniently near to your home, offers a justified rent and provides all the facilities you are looking for. But transporting all your stuff efficiently is another quest altogether. Will your belongings remain safe in your storage? Are there ways, to help you place your stuff conveniently into your storage?

Here are the 10 Best Tips which can help to make your Self Storage Safe for your Belongings:

  1. To keep your self storage free from spiders and insects, you should use dryer sheets. Place these sheets right in front of your storage unit and stretch it all towards the entire corner. These sheets also help in keeping your storage space fresh. The sheets work for about a month and then need to be replaced. Hence, ensure replacing these sheets periodically to keep your space fresh and free from insects.
  2. During rainy days when the moisture levels are high, it may ruin all your stored stuff. To avoid this, you can put a charcoal in a saucepan and keep it in your storage space. This will absorb the excessive moisture and keep your things safe.
  3. In order to keep your box springs dust free, use mattress covers to cover them. Ideally 2 such covers should be enough to cover the bottom and top.
  4. To allow easy access to your stored stuff, maintain an appropriate aisle between the storage boxes. In absence of such aisle, you will be required to move all the stuffs to find or locate one. It will be a time-consuming process and may also ruin your stored stuff.
  5. Keep a provision of ventilation by aligning your boxes a little away from the walls of your storage space. It also helps in preventing molds. You can also use the wooden pallets to keep your storage boxes off the floor.
  6. Avoid using air tight containers or plastic bags as they cannot absorb any moisture. Usage of cardboard is a great way as it cannot trap moisture.
  7. Avoid storing items like electronics in self storage spaces. Extremity of weather conditions may ruin your favorite gadgets. Freezing temperatures can even wipe the hard drives of computers and hamper your LED screens. If you have recovered your electronic items from freezing temperatures, allow them to sit for 48 hours in a heated environment before switching it on.
  8. Instead of over-utilizing the horizontal space of your space, try to fix your stuff vertically. You can pack your things in several boxes and ranging from heaviest to lightest, you can place them one over another.  Stacking boxes of similar size one over another will help them stay in balance as well. You should also efficiently use shelves provided in your storage unit to make the most of your space in an ideal way.
  9. When you start storing in your truck, do it in a backward way like you would want to store and pack in your self storage. This will save a lot of time in arranging your stuff at the storage space.
  10. If you are planning to store your car, make sure you empty the fuel tank. Filled tanks are prone to condensation.

 So, are you ready to use your self-storage efficiently with these easy tips?





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