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During a conversation this summer, a friend and I came out with the lovely soundbite, 'Mountains have height, people have depth'.  We were half way through an expedition to a remote region of the Himalayas at that point, and it had occurred to us that although bagging peaks and walking on glaciers is all very satisfying, it can be done in much the same way the world over.  People are what differentiate the various regions of the world, giving each its unique flavour.


My name is Sam and I'm from the New Forest in the UK.  I caught the adventure bug at university, and during my degree managed to study, work and travel all over Europe and Asia, including long stays in France, Germany and Taiwan.  Since then, I have spent a summer on expedition in the Himalayas, climbing and trekking in the Ladakh region of India.  I am a passionate lover of the outdoors and endurance sports, and after competing in Triathlons all through my time at university I will be combining my interests in 2017 to have a go at mountain ultra-trail racing!


Follow my blog if you want to hear about travel and adventure from a human perspective, with no small amount of physical exertion thrown in.  Whether giving a insight into the lives of people living on the roof of the world, or into exactly what goes through your head during a 100 mile bike ride through the rainy English countryside, I can promise that this won't just be a tourist guidebook.



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