French Breakfast: Eating Croissants in a healthy way

Although Croissants are not that great in terms of nutrition, they are still of the most coveted delicacy in French. Getting into the technicalities of this pastry, it can be considered as a source of “empty calories”. They are baked and comprise of added sugar and unhealthy solid fat. Another aspect is the high level of sodium, which might have bad effect if taken in large quantity.

In a nutshell, this essential portion of French breakfast is not good for a dieting plan or a weight loss strategy. Still, there is no reason to abandon yourself from these delicacies. The way out is to take them in little amount, even if they are temping enough to break your vows.

Breakfast in French has lots of sugary ingredient. The jam, the butter, tea, coffee and the juice as well. Thus, when it comes to those additional sugar content of croissant, there are more reason to cut short the portion size. The bakery might offer you large and really attractive pastries, but it does not mean that you should eat one. Instead, try to get the small ones, they look pretty too. Another idea is to cut a piece of the large one and customize it to get a smaller size.

Eating croissant with a little amount of protein is a necessity, if you want your breakfast to last long. Consuming it with a piece of protein would provide the necessary energy apart from compensating the sugar intake. If you combine them, you will not feel hungry for a long time.

The only reason you should avoid eating croissant is; it is important to the good things in your life. But their rules to everything, which ensure the best experience.

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