Personal Life of Priyanka Raina & Suresh Raina is quite balanced: Perfect sportsman

Suresh Raina’s mother phoned Suresh when he was in Australia to provide him the news that his marriage was mended by a childhood friend. Then both began talking on the phone and also acquired a romance. Therefore, they believe it an arranged marriage, though these were in love at the time that they have married several weeks after April 3, 2015. The Prewedding parties started a few of days early in the day throughout that their lowkey participation ceremony happened in his Ghaziabad house.

Her dad is really just a sports trainer in Ghaziabad. She's got two brothers, both Abhishek and Vivek, both whom have been engineers. She frees herself to get her capacity to balance charity job, family and motherhood. She finds time and energy for you to visit the gym regularly to remain healthy. While she believes that being a woman entrepreneur is more difficult as women do have more responsibilities, so she feels that women really are great at multi tasking.


After the arrival of herkid, Gracia Raina, Priyanka Chaudhary Raina abandoned her job at Amsterdam and came back to India to look after her little one. Her adventures as a mother left her sensitive towards the demands of various new mothers and kids all across the united states that are less privileged in relation to her. This motivated her to become a social worker and that she got the complete support of her and her partner's possessions.


In 2017, on their kid's first birthday, her and her spouse announced the initiation of the non profit company, Gracia Raina Foundation. The base is devoted to be sure the well being of under privileged mothers and their kids around the nation and also to supply them with chances to get a sustainable career. Suresh Raina Wife is a celebrity herself.

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