10 Crucial Rules When Scheduling Social Media Posts

10 Crucial Rules When Scheduling Social Media Posts

Jan 21, 2020, 8:34:38 AM Business

Managing all your social media accounts to keep it active all the time is quite challenging and time-consuming, especially if you are doing it by yourself.  Not to mention the effort you have to spend on posting of content across all of the social media platforms. Due to this reason, the need for social media post scheduling is essential not only to help you post consistently but also to help you find free time for yourself. 

However, when it comes to scheduling social media posts, there are some essential rules you need to know and follow.

#1 Make Sure to Post at the Perfect Times

First things first, you need to be aware of the best time for your post to get noticed in the news feed. Your target audiences are not online all the time and probably check their news feed only at a specific time of the day. With this, it is crucial to post your content during the time they are active in social media. Otherwise, all your effort will become useless.

#2 Try to Consider Using Varieties of Content 

Posting content shouldn’t always be coming from you. You can post/share other contents as long as they are relevant to your niche. However, make sure to let the author know that you are going to share his/her content. With this, you can have more options to choose from for your post. Whether you post your new original content, share some of your existing content, or share other people’s contents.

#3 Make Sure to Optimize Your Posting Frequency

Posting as many contents as you can won’t guarantee you high engagement, especially if you are only posting generic content. According to Buffer, as long as you maintain high-quality content, you can post up to 2 times per day on Facebook while on Instagram, you can post 1.5 times a day. 

#4 Don’t Be Afraid of Using Online Scheduling Tools

As mentioned earlier, managing your social media post by yourself eats a lot of time. Using social media tools to manage for you, on the other hand, can help you to schedule all your posts across all your social media channels in an organized manner. The tool will automatically post all your content at the scheduled times you choose for with ease and less supervision. 

#5 Go Ahead and Recycle Some of Your Content

This only works if you have created an evergreen content. Recycling or reposting your evergreen content enables you to continuously drive traffic not only to your social media account to your website/blog as well.

#6 Make Sure to Interact with Your Audience

Since you already automated your posting process, you can now have free time to interact and engage with your followers. However, avoid using bots to do this for you since it will only harm your account in the future.

#7 Keep Track of Results and Maximize Data Usage

Don’t forget to track your post performance and gather data along the way. Study the areas that need improvement and implement the necessary changes to enhance your future post-performance.

#8 Post Engaging Content 60% of the Time

When posting content, don’t post all your engaging content but only post 60% of the time. This is a good strategy for keeping your post engaging while avoiding competition among your other posts.

#9 Post Shared Content 30% of the Time

As mentioned earlier, you can use other people’s content and share them with all your followers and even get a new one. 

#10 Post Sales/Promotions 10% of the Time

The reason why you should only post Sales/Promotions, 10% of the time, is that social media was created mainly for social and not for e-commerce. 


To make your posting on social media at ease, consider having a scheduling system for all of your posts across social media channels. It will be a significant help for you to free up more time for more important matters. 


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