10 Lies You’ve Been Told About Hiring a Plumber

10 Lies You’ve Been Told About Hiring a Plumber

Jun 17, 2019, 7:39:10 AM Business

When it comes to hiring a plumber, there are so many misconceptions and false facts held about them. In this article, we'll discuss some of the most common lies told about hiring a plumber. By the end of the article, we think you'll agree that many of the bad ideas that persist about plumbers just are not true in this day and age. If you use basic common sense when hiring a plumber it is a near certainty that you will be so happy with the work they provide you with. At the end of the job, you'll wonder why you didn't consider hiring a plumber earlier, as there are far more advantages to hiring one then there are disadvantages. Don't fall for old wives tales when it comes to your local plumber. They deserve better than that and if given the opportunity they're certain to leave you impressed with their knowledge and skill.

1. All Plumbers Will Rip You Off - This age old wives tale just isn't true. While there have certainly been some unscrupulous plumbers out there that behaved less than honestly, they are a very tiny minority of the overall industry. The vast majority of professional plumbers are honest and reputable tradesmen. Most plumbers work in a totally transparent way, meaning when they give you an appraisal they do so in a manner that gives you exact figures for costs, materials, and labor. By being transparent with prospective clients, these prospective clients can conduct proper due diligence on the price estimates for needed repairs.

2. DIY is Cheaper Than Hiring a Plumber - This is probably the biggest lie out there. Plumbers work far more efficiently and have access to far cheaper plumbing materials than any homeowner. A homeowner can certainly do a poor fix job for less than hiring a professional plumber, however, if the job is done correctly then it is almost a certainty that the professional plumber will cost less. Don't be fooled into thinking that all plumbing fixes are DIY, this is so far from the truth that it is absurd. The vast majority of serious plumbing repairs cannot be done by anyone other than a certified plumber. Companies like Definitive Plumbers have employees with decades of experience in plumbing that can not be matched by any DIY quick-fix.

3. Finding a Reputable Plumber is Difficult - Locating a reputable plumber has never been easier. Thanks to the internet and online review systems, you can find a reputable plumber in your area in under 20 minutes. It would not be surprising at all if you found a plumber in under five minutes. Anyone telling you that it is hard to find a plumber isn't being honest, they're exceptionally lazy, or they do not know how to use the internet

4. There Are No Incentives to Hiring a Plumber - There are too many incentives to hiring a professional plumber to count them all. A plumber's work is usually guaranteed. The repairs improve or maintain the value of your home, as opposed to DIY fixes. Most plumbers offer post-work customer support. Your homeowner's insurance usually won't cover damage caused by DIY fixes. The list goes on and on. There is really no reason to always stubbornly go the DIY route when the list of disadvantages to doing so is extremely long.

5. Plumbers Aren't Professional - Contrary to what you might think, plumbing is done by highly skilled professionals. You couldn't complete the complex tasks involved in plumbing work if you were not a professional. Plumbers are as skilled and professional as electricians, carpenters, or auto mechanics. It takes years of experience to develop into a skilled plumber. It is important to give plumbers the proper respect they deserve.

6. Plumbing Work Can be Done by Anyone - The vast majority of homeowners cannot match the quality of work that a plumber can do. There are also countless plumbing jobs that a homeowner would not have a clue about. Even if a homeowner knows how to undertake a certain plumbing task, then chances are they won't have the proper tools necessary to complete the job correctly. Professional-grade plumbing is done by professional plumbers nearly exclusively.

7. YouTube Tutorials Have Replaced The Need For Plumbers - This is laughable it is so wrong. Yes, many simple plumbing fixes can be done by following a YouTube tutorial. However, these tutorials can only help you fix simple issues, like a slightly leaking sink, a stuck toilet flush, or how to repair a plugged drained. You will not be able to follow a YouTube tutorial in order to conduct any serious plumbing task.

8. Most Plumbers Charge For Appraisals - This is another blatant lie about plumbers. The truth is that most plumbers offer free repair appraisals. It would be very difficult for any plumber to get steady business if they charged a fee to prospective clients before the work has even been started. Call any local plumber and you'll see that they mostly conduct free appraisals.

9. Most Plumbing Work Isn't Guaranteed - This is another popular lie. Most plumbing work is guaranteed. The guarantee extends not just to the work itself, but in many cases, the materials are also guaranteed. You would be hard pressed to find a reputable professional plumber that isn't willing or able to guarantee his or her work. Chances are if they cannot guarantee the work, they aren't a real plumber.

10. Most People Cannot Afford a Professional Plumber - This is another common lie that is told about professional plumbers. The fact is, most plumbing work is very affordable. The only time the work will be extremely expensive, is if major plumbing repairs are needed. In these expensive cases, homeowners insurance will likely be responsible for picking up the tab on such work. In cases where the plumbing fix needed is very expensive, these fixes can usually be financed through a variety of financing options.


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