4 Major Reasons Why Software Development is Important

4 Major Reasons Why Software Development is Important

May 6, 2020, 7:56:26 AM Tech and Science

These days we rely on software for an increasing number of functions in our lives and software development is advancing at a rapid pace. More and more aspects of our homes, schools, and businesses are being systematized, and new industries are emerging all the time. With coding and software development even being taught to young children, the future of software is impossible to predict. In this article, we will explore four major reasons why software development is important.

1. Software Can Be Used to Help People 

The number one reason why software is important is that a well designed and executed piece of software can be used to help people in all kinds of ways. Software companies are able to apply their algorithms and the skills of their engineers to anything from analyzing farming methods in countries with regular harvest issues to software that helps teachers organize their coursework more easily. We reached out to the folks at Technology Rivers who told us that they helped develop software called Sickweather which is used for tracking illnesses. In the time of COVID-19, we are seeing the huge benefits that disease tracking software like this can bring in containing pandemics. Developers have made software to measure blood pressure, check temperatures, and monitor levels of sugar in the blood. Technology is playing a bigger and bigger role in our global healthcare and custom-designed healthcare software is at the forefront of this relationship.  

2. Software Can Be Used for Problem-Solving in Business

Software development is all about problem-solving. Software can be used to create models that will predict how events are going to play out and which will identify problems before they occur. More and more businesses are automating their business operations to identify issues through modeling and analytics software. Business analytics can show companies where preventable losses are being made or where communications need to be improved. Software that enables businesses to automate and integrate all the various departments that make up their business can significantly increase productivity and streamline operations. 

3. Software Can Be Used for Innovation

At its purest, software is all about innovation, and software development has transformed many industries. The development of 3D design and printing software has revolutionized all kinds of industries from car design to architecture to orthodontics. Previously, orthodontists would take a mold of their patients’ mouths and custom design braces that could correct problems with teeth alignment or other dental issues. These days, 3D scanning and printing software enables orthodontists to make a perfect scan of their patient’s mouth and then print out an exact replica on which to build the patient’s braces. This saves significant amounts of time, money, and patient discomfort. 


4. Software Can Be Used to Connect People

Because of the nature of code and the widespread use of electronic devices like smartphones and personal computers, the software has the ability to connect people all over the world. Popular software and applications can be used to reach millions of people. The language app Duolingo, for example, connects language learners from all over the world and actually uses their responses to improve its own accuracy. When the app gives users a sentence in Spanish to translate into English and a certain number of users translate it the same way, the Duolingo app knows that it is the correct translation. The software uses the power of numbers by connecting people and using them as unwitting co-developers. Software development at its best is all about collaboration and real-time updates that utilize its users’ responses to self-improve. 

Software development is so important to almost every aspect of the modern world. From healthcare innovation to automated transport systems, we rely on software every minute of our lives to keep our societies running. With advancements in software development occurring at such a rapid rate, the future of software is very exciting. 


Published by Samantha Brown

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