5 Advantages of Wireless Charging

5 Advantages of Wireless Charging

Do your worries revolve around a dead battery? It’s one of those things you’ll never have to put up with when you have a wireless charger. Just toss your phone on a charging pad, and you’ll never have to worry about cables anymore.

It’s incredible how life can be with the simple things that make it so convenient to have a smooth day.

So what is Wireless Charging Technology?

Wireless charging eliminates the use of wires as the name suggests. There are two standards which include Qi and Powermat charging technologies. Lots of phones support these standards like if you own a Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 Edge, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, and countless other phones.

Qi chargers use electromagnetic induction to transfer power to your device. Your smartphone will have a receiver at the back to convert the alternating electromagnetic field into electric energy which it then feeds to the battery.

What are the Benefits of Wireless Charging?

Let’s Talk Simplicity

Everyone has used a charging cable and has a story about frayed ends or tangled cords that won’t work anymore. Sometimes you have several for the same phone that you have to untangle the bunch every time you need to use the charger.

With a wireless charger, all you have to do is drop your phone on it and never have to worry about whether your phone is charging or not. Even at a friend’s place finding a charging mat on the dining table is so convenient easier to put your phone on the charger than it is to ask for a charger.

And Convenience Too

When you have an iPhone and a Samsung, you will have to take a lightning cable and a micro USB cable plus you may have to include two chargers for both phones. But when both phones support wireless charging, all you need is the charging pad. It will do due diligence for your devices by keeping them juiced up at all times.

Wide Compatibility

A wireless charger is an interesting electronic accessory as it will work with other accessories like your tablet, laptop, and wireless earbuds. The integration with multiple devices makes it all the more functional when you have gadgets in all shapes and sizes.

What About Safety?

Since your phone charges without having direct exposure to a cable, there is reduced risk of electric shock and any resulting loss of data in case it happens.

And have you heard of all the accidents that happen with wired charging? There’s also all the malware that could be hiding in an unknown cable. That’s why with a wireless charger, you will never have to worry about malware, more so, when using a charging mat in a public place like a restaurant.

In fact, it is as easy to find charging mats in public places as it is to find Wi-Fi in a coffee shop, and not just any coffee shop. Starbucks and McDonalds are also in on the new technology as they offer Powermat wireless charging pads.

Medical Devices

With advancements in medical technologies, it is a new normal to have all types of medical implants. But it was not until recently that wireless charging got integrated into these devices. Instead of sitting for hours to have your implant charge, electromagnetic energy makes it much easier to pass the energy through the skin via advanced wireless charging.


Wireless charging is definitely here to stay. As more phones continue to integrate this technology, we can totally see it phasing out wired charging. It is smart, convenient, and most of all safe to not plug in your device.


Published by Samantha Brown

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