5 Marketing Automation Trends You Can't Ignore in 2020

5 Marketing Automation Trends You Can't Ignore in 2020

Jan 17, 2020, 2:06:11 PM Business

“Marketing automation is the technology that propels your business into a new era of relationship based marketing with quantifiable results.” This statement truly sums up why every business today needs marketing automation. According to statistics, more than 79% of the top performing companies have been using marketing automation for more than past five years. 

Marketing automation industry is on the rise and the spending on automation tools is expected to reach around $25.1 billion by 2023. the graph clearly shows the increasing spend on automation suggesting that marketers are ready to invest as they see good ROI and growth for their businesses

Before going to the trends that will guide marketing automation industry in 2020, let us understand how it helps businesses to grow and sustain. 

1. Automate tasks and save resources: Automation always leads to streamlined workflows saving both time and efforts. Around 74% of marketers feel that saving time is one of the biggest benefits of automation. Marketing automation software can free up around 80% of the time spent on repetitive tasks like scheduling, bulk emails, workforce management etc. Data shows that automation can save up to 6 hours per week which is substantial. It results in 23% short sales cycles in lead nurturing. Hence, marketers need to invest in automation to handle workflow while they can focus on other important tasks.  

2. Boost productivity: According to statistics, it has been found that marketing automation helped in improving business productivity by an average of 20%.  Automating tasks makes the entire system more organized hence more efficient and effective. 

3. Facilitate better customer management: Around 48% of marketers feel that marketing automation it is one of the most popular methods to create personalized customer experiences. 

4. Better lead management: According to statistics, lead nurturing through marketing automation resulted in 15-20% of potential buyers to convert into sales who were not ready to purchase. Lead nurturing (46%) is considered as one of the most important features of marketing automation. In a survey, businesses using marketing automation saw a 451% increase in potential leads which is huge.

5. Multi Channel access: Marketing automation helps in free flow of information across departments. This also helps in creating personalized campaigns and better coordination across channels, marketing platforms and devices. The centralized database poses a huge potential for better customer service as well. 

These are broadly the advantages of incorporating marketing automation as a business strategy. 

In a survey, marketing automation has been considered as one of the most effective marketing technology that helps businesses to optimize their resources, facilitate better lead management, generate revenue growth, consolidate a centralized database and of course strive for enhanced customer service. 


According to Ascend2 “Marketing Automation Trends Survey” conducted in 2016, the most important strategic goals of a marketing automation strategy are increasing lead generation (61%), lead nurturing (57%) and sales revenue (47%). These are followed by improving customer engagement (36%), marketing productivity (29%), improve measurability (28%) and campaign targeting (22%).

The above data clearly shows the important of automation as a strategic marketing choice for both big and small businesses. Let us take a quick look at some of the major trends that businesses should not miss in 2020. 

1. AI-assisted solutions: Artificial Intelligence (AI) will take over marketing automation space. AI coupled with machine learning will help marketers create more personalized customer campaigns. According to statistics, 30% of global companies will use AI in at least one of their sales processes by 2020. AI will enable businesses to create a better knowledge base and enhance their customer service. 

2. More Personalized Content: Personalization has proved to be very important when it comes to customer campaigns. By 2020, around 51% of consumers will expect companies assess their need and give them relevant suggestions before they make contact. Personalization can be best achieved through study of customer behaviour and patterns. Marketing automation effectively takes care of the same. About 88% of U.S. marketers saw measurable improvements due to personalization. 

3. Chatbots will rule: Chatbots will play a crucial role when it comes to customer service and engagement. They will become smarter and more interactive in dealing with customers. In a survey, it was found that more than 54% of respondents preferred interacting with a brand via a chatbot rather than an app. Hence, chatbots will continue to thrive with better integration through machine learning and AI support in automation. 

4. Automated Social Media Marketing: Automation of social media marketing is enable businesses for promote their brand value and increase their customer reach as well. In 2019, there was a 20% increase in social media budget of brands, which will continue to grow in 2020 as well. Video content and Stories will dominate in the social media space to drive conversion and engage customers. 

5. Cross Channel marketing: Customers expect brands to send them personalized content and suggestions. Moreover, now consumers use several channels to purchase and interact. They will keep becoming more impatient expecting a quick response from brands. Marketing automation will enable cross channel marketing which will help both internally and externally. 

Marketing automation will continue to be one of the key drivers for growth in the coming years. Choosing the right automation tool for your business can be a tedious task. The tool should meet your requirements, be affordable and should be able to give you good ROI. 

Among the marketing automation software’s available in the market, EngageBay provides some of the best features to automate your marketing and sales tasks and workflows to generate leads and grow revenue faster at an affordable price. Their robust system and strong support is an apt choice for small businesses. Take a look at their marketing automation guide to know more about the different aspects that they can help you with. 

This is how marketing automation has helped businesses across verticals. 


Marketing automation is the need of the hour. Businesses and marketers should be ready to adopt and adapt to automation to maintain a competitive edge in today’s dynamic scenario and streamline their process for optimal returns. 


Published by Samantha Brown

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