8 best things about commercial painting

8 best things about commercial painting

Mar 25, 2020, 7:43:50 AM Creative

If you occupy business premises, at some stage, you may require commercial painting services.

Commercial painting has a specialist focus which is different from residential painting.  Whether it’s your first time choosing a painter, or you have had an experience you would like to improve on, it’s important to know how it can be useful, and how to choose the right service provider.

Let’s explore both in these 8 tips - starting with how to choose the right commercial painter service provider.

How to choose the right painter.

1. What’s their experience?

When you are obtaining quotes, remember that it is not all about the cheapest being the best option.   The saying you get what you pay for can hold truth, so be sure to ask for references, and ask to see some of their completed projects.

2. Do they specialise in the type of painting you require?

An industrial business that needs a freshen up of their external walls and use anti-graffiti coatings, for example, will have different requirements to an inner-city cafe.   

3. What’s their process like?

You want to engage a commercial painter who can be flexible in their execution process.   Commercial spaces can range from large to small and may need to allow for workers and busy times of the day.   Talk to your painter about their work process, what their clean up process is, and what needs to happen for preparation.

4. How up to date is the equipment ?

Modern equipment can make a difference in the time it takes to complete their works, whether they are painting internally or externally.  If they are painting while people are occupying the workspace, ask what they use to manage paint fumes, and also ask about the noise level of any equipment so you can make informed decisions about where you will work from that day.

How commercial painting is useful?

Now that you have some good ways to choose the right painter, you might want to know a little about how it is useful to your business.

5. Elite Painting knows why up to date equipment is important

A painting service who knows the value of technology in their tools of the trade is able to complete works in time, and get a good finish in your commercial space.

6. Understands the importance of colour quality.

When it comes to painting the interior and exterior of your commercial business, you want to be working with a professional service who knows that you need even colour, even texture, and you want a colour that is going to work with the elements of your brand.

They will also be across the current colour trends and be able to talk to you about the right choice for your business.

7. Save you time and money.

An experienced and quality-focused painter service will know the right type of paint applications for your space.  This will save you when it comes to repairs and maintenance, and cleaning surfaces.

8. Understanding the importance of business.

Like you value your business, a commercial painting professional will take pride in their business, too.   They will have the right qualifications or certificates that give them license to operate and will have a good reputation with past clients.   


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