An Overall Guide To Getting A CISSP Certification!

An Overall Guide To Getting A CISSP Certification!

Oct 25, 2018, 10:56:08 PM News

Security is one thing that all of us are possessive about. We take security level on the highest priority in our day-to-day personal as well as professional lives. In today’s era, it is essential to keep our belongings safely as one wrong move can lead to a significant loss. Confidentiality is vital when it comes to important documents and data at your workplace. Negligence in the security can result in great loses at work.

Why is the CISSP certification gaining tremendous importance? IT security is of topmost concerns in today’s business industries. CISSP is the only answer to all the questions. Therefore, CISSP professionals are in high demand and so is its certification.

IT people secure their important data and information using the CISSP. Professionals majoring the IT sector entirely rely on this system. Great opportunities are waiting for you in this field. Many of you must be thinking of pursuing your career in this amazing field and want to know every single detail about the same. The CISSP certification course makes you expert in the field of managing, developing as well as designing a strong security posture in the organization.


If you’re interested in going to the world of information technology, CISSP is the perfect choice for you. With the certification, you’ll become a renowned applicant that validates technical as well as managerial competency to ensure utmost security from the attacks of malicious.

If you’re searching for the details about this wonder security system, then you have landed at the right place. Given below are some important information about this system. Let’s take a look:  

What is CISSP? Understanding the Concept and Importance…

CISSP stands for “Certified Information Systems Security Professional.” The International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium (ISC)2 developed the CISSP. CISSP is a globally recognized security skill and is gaining popularity nowadays to an extreme level. CISSP is the first certification to have reached an international level.

This globally renowned standard attests an IT professional security level and has major experience in the management of security program and implementing it successfully. IT professionals prefer to opt for CISSP certification, and they provide opportunities for job titles including security auditor, security systems engineer, security architect, and chief information security officer.

The candidate who wants to be a part of this spectacular technical expert has to go through rigorous exams level. The person has to be an expert in all the fields of security related to information.

Experts of this field should be able to define the design as well as the architecture of the system accurately. Also as a professional, you should be able to control and manage the highly secured business environment very perfectly. The exams contain many topics related to security. There is a full section of CBK (common body of knowledge) in final examinations of CISSP.

CBK is nothing but a collection of topics on security worldwide. CBK is a broad framework of studies, terms, and principles and allows the students to debate and solve all the situations that can come across afterwards.   

The Benefits of Getting a CISSP Certification

You all must have got curious to know the actual benefits of pursuing this profession and also the perks you’ll get after having certification. Here is a list of some advantages that will insist you to go for certification on a priority basis:

  1. Salary: First things first, regarding salary, certified professionals are paid 25% more than the non-certified experts. The salary scale gap is still widening in these days between the two.

  2. Well renowned or most recognized: The position of Information Security (IS) is highly crucial in any organization and using the CISSP certification, your position becomes strong. The CISSP certification helps professionals to stand out when compared to other candidates that do not acquire this certification. This certification enhances the market-value and credibility of the professional.

  3. Immense opportunities: Many large organizations have made this certification as their basic requirement for any candidate applying for this job. The sole reason for this change is that the certified people can tackle the security threat problems far better than the other professionals.

  4. Guaranteed success: There is a high weight given to the certification holder at every point of time in this field. Nearly about 70% of the recruiters believe certification as the reliable factor regarding competency.

  5. Obliterates the Competition: Being a certification holder, you’ll always stand out in the competition line, and your demand will always be first as compared to non-certified professionals.  

The Cost of the CISSP Certification

To become a professional proficient in CISSP, you need to pass the CISSP exam with scoring at least 70% marks. The duration of the exam will be of 6 hours which consists a total of 250 questions including a mix of multiple choice and advanced innovative formats and this will test the knowledge of the candidate in all eight known domains of information security. You need to pay a cost of around 700 USD to apply for the certification.

The cost and taxes may vary with different currencies and exam centre locations. Also, if you need to reschedule the exam or cancel the certification exam due to any priority reasons, then you need to pay an extra cost. Currently, the approximate cost of rescheduling the exam is 100 USD while the cost of cancelling the exam is around 100 USD.

Hopefully, you should be able to clear the certification exam in the very first attempt, but in case any candidate fails in the initial attempt and needs to go for re-test, then he/she needs to pay around 350-400 USD for the next trial.

The Expected Salary of a Professional with a CISSP Certification

It is not at all easy to become an expert CISSP. There are many rigorous exams and tough studies that you have to go through to become a professional. It is undeniable that everyone wants to go into this field where there are high salary packages and also scope to grow higher.

When you compare salary bars from other areas, you’ll always notice that this field has higher earnings opportunities than others. According to the latest reports, the average salary for female CISSP professionals ranges from USD 73,627 to USD 111,638, while that of male CISSP professional ranges from USD 78,788 to USD 119,184.

It makes this profession the highest paying field in the IT industry. You’ll be paid according to your calibre and skills every time. You can’t deny the fact that you have to study a lot to stand out in this field, but once you become an expert, salary is not an issue. You’ll never be underpaid for your work and at whichever stage you’ll compare your salary scales with others at your level, you’ll find yourself upper.

It is not an easy task to put the CISSP letters in front of your name but if you’re able to make it then trust me it is considered as the gold standard regarding security. You’ll have to invest your long five years of experience in big companies to qualify. According to the latest reports, many few people hold this certification, which means there is a vast gap between supply and demand in this case.

Once you reach the heights, you can demand as per your wish for your services and company will not even negotiate it once. The more you’ll gain experience in your job, the more money you’ll make. If you’re seeking for higher level security profession, CISSP is the foundation certification for you. You can know more details about the same you can log in the website of this course.  

The Roles that you can get with a CISSP Certification

Are you eager to know what can be your roles after becoming a CISSP certified person? Here is the list of the roles that you can opt after becoming a professional.

1. Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

If you are dreaming of leading the team of security, CISO is the best option for you. This is a rewarding career path, and the role is of great power as well as creativity. As a CISO, you will have to lead the IT initiatives and have to oversee the whole network of security of an organization.

Chief information security officer reports directly to CEO or CIO of the firm. The activities of CISO include hiring as well as guiding the IT expert team and also to create plans for improving the programs that exist in the organization. You’ll have to collaborate with the stakeholders and establish programs.

As a CISO, you have to see the investigations of IT and recommend courses that will be followed in case of a breach. The average salary scale of the CISO is high, and you have to spend long 7-12 years working in an IT industry before you qualify for CISO.  

2. Security Consultant

As a security consultant, you’ll be a cybersecurity expert.  You’ll have full knowledge of cybersecurity risks, problems and solutions and will guide them as to how they can protect and secure their data. Different positions might also be called to as an information security consultant, computer security consultant.

You need to be flexible with a wide range of variables whenever assessing the system of security across different companies as well as industries. Your daily task will include determining the best ways in which you can secure the computer and its data from attacks. Also, you have to perform different vulnerability tests and uncover security issues in the organization.

At regular intervals, you have to provide technical supervision as well as guidance to the team of security for better handling of the issues. Your tests and security solutions should always be according to the industry standard analysis methods.   

3. Ethical Hacker

Penetration or ethical hacker looks for the weakness in the system of IT in the same way as a criminal hacker would do. Ethical hacker makes the use of same knowledge, network system, applications as well as tactics that are used by a criminal hacker. After identifying the weakness or weak spots, they help the organization to overcome that and bring an improvement in the security level of the firm.

If you’re acting as an ethical hacker, you’re expected to perform different penetration tests on web applications or computer systems. You should also uncover security holes and mark out the methods that attackers can use to exploit the system. Every time you should come up with new ideas and system that are secured and discuss the same with the management level to implement the same as soon as possible.

Additionally, you can join the training classes in different regions of India like New Delhi, Bengaluru, Goa, Dehradun, and Shimla. Online training sessions are also available, and you can avail this facility from your facility. The expected fees of these sessions are around 50K INR.

With all the details provided above, we hope that you would also like to go for the CISSP certification exam and pursue a great and successful career in this field. Being a CISSP certified member, you will get the membership for the (ISC)2 that is also known as the “International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium” and can avail a broad array of exclusive resources, networking opportunities, and educational tools.

We hope that all the details above will guide you how to proceed for this certification and you can plan your way forward in an effective manner. It’s never too late to plan for a CISSP certification and avail all the benefits and advantages to the fullest.

We would like to know if this article solved your queries and would also like to know your views if we can add any other details/material in this article regarding CISSP certification.


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