7 Apps For New Content Creators To Use For Exponential Growth

7 Apps For New Content Creators To Use For Exponential Growth

Jul 14, 2022, 3:34:21 PM Business

Do you sometimes sit down and think, “how can I make content creation easier and streamlined?”. It is a question most content creators ponder on a lot. Are you on a continuous content creation marathon, wanting to continue growing without experiencing burnout? It's possible if you use the 7 content creation apps that we are about to share with you. Keep reading to learn more!

Your choice of content creation and editing apps can really give you a boost in content creation, while choosing a wrong app may waste your time and give your audience a poor impression. Your content should be engaging and deliver the intended message, otherwise you may end up losing a big chunk of your followers.

It doesn't matter if you are a new graphic designer, a video creator or photographer, there is a rich resource in this article that will enable you to streamline your content creation process and help you appear more consistent and confident online. 

7 apps you can use to create content and grow faster on social media:


Source: Easil

This app can help you create simple drag and drop visuals. If you want to design graphics for your podcast, blog or a social media platform such as Talkytimes, then you may want to try Easil. The app comes with thousands of visually engaging templates that you can use in your social media profiles. There is nothing that annoys creators more than spending too much time editing contents and still not getting the desired results. You can use this app to smoothen your content creation process and become more consistent with a posting schedule. Your content will look more professional by the time you finish designing it!

You can learn more about Easil here.👈


Source: Canva

Coming second on our list is Canva, this is one of the must have tools if you are a content creator, marketer or a solopreneur. This tool is essential and can help you come up with creative videos for your posts on Talkytimes or stories on Instagram. Canva comes in two versions, the free and premium ones. Premium version gives you access to all the features you need to design professional videos or photos. If you don’t feel confident enough about your content editing skills, then you can use Canva’s free Design school to guide you through some useful tutorials that will help you become familiar with the tool.

Follow this link to learn more about Canva. 🙌

GoDaddy Studio

This is another helpful app, that you may need to use for editing and refining your contents to appear more professional. Something cool about this app is the amount of fonts you can import on it while creating your content on the go. GoDaddy studio has both phone and desktop versions that you can easily use to create captivating graphics. You can create professional and appealing graphics faster with easy to learn features. There are also images, fonts and templates available within the app that you can use.

Source: Apkmazon

Don’t worry about finding your way within the app, there are tutorials that can take you through the tricks and techniques you need to make great designs. 

Have a look at GoDaddy here. 👐


If you are a content creator and like sharing pictures on platforms like Talkytimes, then PicMonkey is an ideal app for you. It is a photo editing software that can be used to create social media content. One of the cool features you can find on this app is the ability to import unlimited fonts.

Source: Fixthephoto

The app has several creative templates and graphic designs that you can use to create high quality looking logos, photos and other designs. 

Find out more about PicMonkey and its creative designs  here. 👈

Adobe creative cloud

Source: Crayon

Adobe creative cloud is designed with different applications that gives you access to a collection of software you can use to edit your videos, perform graphic design or web development.

If you are creating content with various assets including videos, photos and social media graphics, then you can use the Lightroom, Illustrator, Adobe Premier or Spark. You can create amazing logos, video content, PDF guides, infographics and share with your audience on Talkytimes and other content creation platforms. 

There are several other software you can use to make creative content, learn more about them. ✍️


Does your content creation field involve creating video content and sharing with your audience? If that's the case then InShot is the best app you can use. With this app, you can edit your videos for Talkytimes, YouTube, or any other types of videos. What you’ll probably like the most about this app is the creative filters, graphic effects, music, text styles and intros for videos.

You don’t need a lot of knowledge to use this app. It is very easy to use, and makes editing videos similarly easy and fun. You can use the free offer package, but for more advanced video editing effects, the premium is worth it!


Source: InStories

If you are a video content creator, then you know the importance of having videos with cool looking graphics. InStories can help you with this, as it is an app that allows you to create professional and beautiful looking content, that will help you engage with an audience on Talkytimes and other content creation platforms. 

InStories comes with templates that are best for newbie content creators, learn more here! 🫶

Now that you know about the content creation apps you can use to edit your content, we also want to give you an extra tip on where to share your contents with your audience. 

Where to share your content?

There are several content creation platforms you can go to share your content, but will they all get you what you want? That’s the arguable question. 🤔

That is why we encourage you to try Talkytimes, this platform is a welcoming space for content creation. The platform suits for beginners who want to express their talents and creativity without being judged or underestimated. Talkytimes believes that every content deserves the chance to be seen and monetized. All you need is to create a  profile and organically promote it to be interesting to other users. 

The best part of being a content creator on Talkytimes is that you can create a community of followers who will support your content by sending online and real gifts, and donating to your content. All you have to do is create quality content.

What do you need to join Talkytimes and start monetizing?

Creating a profile on Talkytimes is very easy. Just fill in the required details, you will also need to do a quick verification. This is a simple process that is used to keep the platform safe!

Don’t wait, join Talkytimes today to start monetizing your passion!

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