6 Best Fitness Apps to Try Out in 2022

6 Best Fitness Apps to Try Out in 2022

May 5, 2022, 11:02:33 AM Life and Styles

Isn’t it impossible to track and calculate your daily calorie intake, especially with Indian foods? Well, not anymore.

There are lots of health apps tailor-made for Indians. But don’t worry, you don’t have to go through all of them. We picked out the 5 best apps after taking into account user reviews, our experience, etc. 

Let’s jump straight to the apps.

Top Best Fitness Apps For You


Fitelo is another easy to use app. All you have to do is enter details about your lifestyle, including the medical conditions you have, fitness goals, etc. and Fitelo creates a personalised diet and workout plans for you.

Fairly new, Fitelo has seen its growth skyrocket in the last few months, thus serving over 300k customers worldwide. And don’t worry, you are in safe hands throughout as they have teamed with 50+ dieticians, and even mental coaches to keep you motivated and confident.

It is available on both android and iOS devices and the meal plans are cheaper than most other apps.


Who hasn’t heard of Cult in India. One of the most sought after gyms and food chains, Cult also focuses on a healthy mind. You can either go physically or even join live sessions and your Yoga or bodyweight workouts from home.

You can also do more than just traditional gym exercises as they have boxing, HRX, etc.

Quality of the food is amazing (their butter chicken is a must try). Plus, you get access to personal coaches, dieticians, competitions. You can also interact with other users and share your progress with them.

Cult isn’t cheap but well worth the money if you are serious about your health and like to stay ripped. 


In case you didn’t know, Fittr has one of the largest communities of fitness and health freaks (yes, even bigger than Cult). Yes, what started with training a few people over a WhatsApp group is now 2.5 million members stronger. 

They have 500+ certified coaches to guide you on your fitness journey by creating custom exercise and diet plans based on your fitness levels, eating habits, etc. They also have weekly follow-ups.

Fittr is available on all platforms including a web version, so you can use it on your laptop as well. However, it isn’t free, but you can get a membership for as low as Rs. 6,000 for 3 months.


If you want a free app, then Lio is the way to go. It is available on all platforms. Whether you use Android, iOS devices, or your laptop, anyone can get their fitness schedule in order with Lio. 

Lio isn’t a traditional fitness app but more of a health app that allows you to create a diet schedule and workout plan. Furthermore, you can also track the vaccination history of anyone in the family (even your pet), and even set reminders for upcoming vaccination dates.

Furthermore, it allows you to track your healthy history as well of your loved ones, including your pet. Use Lio, and stop marking dates on calendars. Your app does it all for you.


Another app that has become popular over the years is HealthifyMe. They are similar to other apps. You can book yourself into live workout sessions and workout from the comfort of your home, get one-on-one coaching sessions.

HealthifyMe also has a strong team of professional coaches and dieticians to take good care of you. Just ensure you let them know about any medical conditions beforehand. 

Another great thing about their app is that calorie counter. It has a huge database of Indian dishes like kadhi chawal, rajma chawal, etc. Enter the amount along with the dish and you’ll know the number of calories you are consuming in a day.

That feature is a must use and cost isn’t too high either. They even give you a trial period.


MyFitnessPal is similar to HealthifyMe. It helps with tracking your calorie intake and also suggests workouts and diets based on your fitness goals and levels. This app is also available on the web and android and iOS devices. 

It also integrates with fitness devices like the FitBit, Samsung Health and so on, further increasing the accuracy of the data tracked. Starting with the app is free but you’ll have to pay for the more advanced features and personal coaching.

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