Bring out your inner action hero in Hyderabad's popular Ramoji Film City

Bring out your inner action hero in Hyderabad's popular Ramoji Film City

Aug 26, 2019, 2:02:13 PM News

The Guinness Book of World Record has awarded the Ramoji Film City as the world’s largest studio complex. Getting a chance to visit this popular film city is another level of excitement. You enter the city with your footsteps over the spread of red carpets. You can't stop yourself from staring around the giant campus. The lashing banner of the ‘Ramoji Film City’ will make you crazy. You can find the different experiences and events happening here by exploring LBB’s website as well. The overall experience of the city will make you excited at every step. So, let’s start with Lights, Camera, and Action. Whoooooo!!!! 

This place is full of numerous movie sets. If you are a lover of the action movie, then you should first land on the sets of an action movie. You will get the chance of seeing, all the Super action heroes of Hollywood, Bollywood, and Tollywood on the same set. There are statues of Mask, Superman, Batman, and the action master Jackie Chan, all your childhood favorite action heroes together in the same campus. Now as an Indian, all must have watched the movie Bahubali. The super action movie of Indian Tollywood as well as Bollywood of the recent days. It’s a dream of every Indian to visit the palace and the city Mahismati, of Bahubali. So, Ramoji Film City helps you in exploring the city of Bahubali and feel like a king for a day. This film set has become one of the major tourist attractions set in the city after its massive popularity around the world. For further information, you can check a comprehensive guide of Hyderabad’s Ramoji Film city and explore Hyderabad on LBB.

Dream your inner action hero in the sets of Bahubali:

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When you explore the Bahubali set within the film city, each of the scenes of the film will come in front of your eyes, the place where Mahendra Bahubali was born, the palace where the gigantic action hero lived and the place where the king was killed with conspiracy. You just need to close your eyes to picturise the entire scenes and to awake your inner action hero. You will begin to imagine yourself as Mahendra Bahubali. You must not miss the chance of sitting on the throne and start picturing the praise of every descendant. You can also envision the chorus voice of people chanting your names all over. 

You remember the place where the village boy, the throneless prince of the palace was trekking over the high mountain for clearing his suspicion. You don’t feel to climb the beautiful floral mountain with water springs flowing down, like him and reach the top to see the beautiful world as shown in the movie? But not possible. Though there are heights arranged but you are a tourist. So please don’t get over-excited and hurt yourself to perform those types of actions.

Do you remember the fight of that king with those ghost parade? How he fought? Take out your action hero and dream yourself as riding on the back of the elephant and fighting with that ghost parade to save your kingdom, Mahismati. Hahaha!!!! Bring alive every fairy-tale of Mahishmati within your life, as you visit the Ramoji film city.

Back to Sholay:

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Talking about more action film sets comes the set of the film Sholay, where the two world-famous actors Dharmendra Ji as Veeru and Amitabh Bacchan as Jay played the role of action heroes and fought against the thrilling strong handsome goon Gabbar Singh (Amjad Khan). 

You can take yourself in the days of Sholay, the famous action and hit movie of the 80’s. The movie set is very well-maintained still now. You can feel yourself in the team of Jay and Veeru, and accompanying them in their fights with the famous villain Gabbar Singh. Figure yourself with the thrilling experience of riding a horse with a gun at the back and chasing the goon and the robber team. Shooting them from the back and kill the evil man for harming and disturbing the common man of the country.

Am a Warrior:

Image result for ramoji film city mahabharata set 

Now coming to the sets of our famous Indian ideology, the Mahabharata. You can enjoy all the famous characters of Mahabharata under one umbrella. Remember those famous bow and arrow fight. You can envision yourself as a freedom fighter and take the weapons in your hands and target the evils of the country. The weapons of the old days seem very nostalgic, the gada, the talwar, and the different types of arrows. Some arrows are to set fire, while some are capable of lightning. You will definitely turn yourself as a day-dreamer in such a wonderful film set. Count yourself within the team of Pancha Pandava. Don’t you think of assisting Arjuna in the bow and arrow fight? It is the childhood dream of every people to fight with the weapons like bow and arrow after watching such mythological stories on television. Ramoji film city will take you to your childhood days. The film sets in this city will definitely take out your inner action hero and encourage you to fight against all evils. Do you know the inner meaning of the entire story Mahabharata? This story signifies that: No interaction with possessions with emotional snug should be the regulation of your life. All the responsibilities that you complete in this creation, like the office going, hectic activity, factory working, and so on, are envisioned only to explain your contribution to the planetary law. God performs everything, you are only the action hero of God. Always perform your duties, as this is imperative. 

Ramoji film city is regarded as the best tourist attraction of Hyderabad. This city makes you think differently. You can further explore Hyderabad on LBB when you click here.


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