Choosing Your Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Choosing Your Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Apr 16, 2022, 1:15:58 PM Life and Styles

You may not think that cabinet doors in your kitchen are worth thinking over. However, if you’re remodeling your kitchen, you want to make sure that everything in there is to your liking. You will be using the kitchen and everything in it for a long time.

In order to learn more about different kinds of kitchen doors, we talked to experts at Kitchen Magic. Here’s what they had to tell us.

Slab Cabinet Doors

Slab kitchen doors work best in contemporary and sleek kitchen designs. And it’s no wonder. These doors are made of a single monolithic piece of wood, plywood or something else. You may also hear them called European style cabinet doors.

With no visible frame, these cabinet doors tend to favor the smooth and sleek modern design. So, if that’s your idea of a perfect kitchen, remember to ask your kitchen remodelers for slab cabinet doors. They will also be easier to clean – with fewer places for dust and grease to gather.

Recessed Panel Doors

If you’re not sure what you want from your kitchen design, or if you are not remodeling your whole kitchen, just the cabinets, recessed panel doors might just be your thing. They tend to mesh really well with most kitchen designs, so they tend to be fairly popular.

Not all designs work well with these kitchen doors – for instance, modern minimalist kitchens might clash with these, so consider slab cabinet doors for such designs.

With additional design options and a well-defined frame, these cabinet doors tend to lend themselves really well to various ornamentation options. If you’re a fan of engravings, arches, details and similar ornamentations, these cabinets might be ideal for you. They come with a huge variety of finishes and materials, so you can find the ideal option for you fairly easily.

Open Frame Glass-Front Cabinet Doors

This old-fashioned style of cabinet doors is actually making a comeback in recent years. If you’re not familiar with the appearance of the glass door cabinets, they are fairly simple – instead of a solid panel of wood or plywood as the front panel of the kitchen cabinet, you get a window.

There are different styles of these panels with just a single glass panel to multiple smaller windows with wooden or metallic frames around each individual glass panel. You can also choose between clear and opaque glass, and even colored glass.

Even though these kinds of cabinets are associated with old-fashioned kitchens, they can be adapted to fit a modern kitchen. In fact, depending on your choice of materials, lighting, and finishes, glass-front cabinet doors can work just as well in a minimalist kitchen as they would in a farmhouse style kitchen.

Raised-Panel Doors

If you are looking for your kitchen to look more formal, perhaps you are looking for raised-panel doors. In households where the kitchen is the central room where people spend a lot of time gathered in this room, raised-panel cabinet doors are always a welcome sight.

The main reason is that these kinds of cabinets are also very good for ornamentation – their thick frames can be made of any material, but full wood is typically preferred. Naturally, these types of designs are more expensive than most other options, but they do give the whole room an air of quality and refinedness.

The name of the style comes from the fact that the central panel tends to be raised higher than other styles, most commonly to the height of the door frame.

Remodeling your kitchen can be quite a task and knowing what you want from each element is important. Hopefully, this article helped you with choosing the ideal kitchen cabinet door style for your new kitchen.

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