Cool Places to Visit on Your Harley

Cool Places to Visit on Your Harley

May 13, 2022, 9:46:16 AM Life and Styles

Though anywhere is great when you are riding a Harley, some places stand out. For a special vacation away from the grind of work and everyday living, consider these destinations within the U.S.A. It might be fun to make a bucket list of them and then mark each location off as it is visited. Take lots of photos of the scenery and the people met along the way. Then, use them as an at-home escape in between trips.

Why Travel on a Harley?

Though riding a Harley is enjoyable anywhere. The roads and scenery around where a person lives can get old after a while. Planning a road trip to someplace new can add a little variety and excitement to a person's life. A road trip with friends is even better. The planning can be half the fun. Finding cool places to visit can be exciting and challenging.

Start any trip with careful planning taking into account the time of year, and probable weather, and plotting the highways and roads to travel. It is important to be realistic about how far will be covered in a day and where to spend the nights. Finding motorcycle travel groups is also an option. There are a lot of these social groups to choose from. Just choose a group with similar ages, backgrounds, interests, and compatibility.

Traveling by motorcycle is a whole different experience than riding around close to home. Road trips are a unique experience that adds adventure to our lives. A well-planned road trip will include beautiful scenery, meeting new friends, and good life experiences.

Ideas For The Best Road Trips Within the United States 

Consider some of these great motorcycle trip destinations:

  • California's Pacific Coast Highway offers beautiful scenery and enough curves to be challenging. The Big Sur Highway is one of the best parts of the coastal highway system.
  • Old Hwy 66 is a nice ride. And the part in Western Arizona is worth visiting. Route 66 also has a section in Oklahoma that gives the rider an off the beaten path experience.
  • Arkansas offers superior riding along the Buffalo National River in the Ozark Mountains.
  • Florida offers a popular destination along the Ozello Trail Ride starting in the western part of Citrus County.
  • The Beartooth Highway offers superior destinations in both Montana and Wyoming.
  • Michigan offers the Tunnel of Trees Trail on route 119 along the eastern shore of Lake Michigan.
  • Kentucky has the Red River Scenic Byway in the Daniel Boone National Forest Area known for its beautiful scenery.
  • Colorado has good riding destinations including the challenging Schofield Pass in the Rocky Mountains. The Peak to Peak Highway is also worth visiting.
  • Georgia is worth visiting for the Chattahoochee National Forest and the Motorcycle campgrounds and lodges.
  • Idaho offers the 160 miles long Salmon River Scenic Byway going along the State Route 75 and the U.S. Route 93.
  • Massachusetts offers a lot of nice locations along the Mohawk Trail or State Route 2.
  • In Mississippi, the Natchez Parkway offers a 450-mile ride from Natchez to Nashville, Tennessee. Part of it follows the Mississippi River.
  • North Carolina and Tennessee share the Tail of the Dragon or U.S. 129 on their state lines. It also borders the Cherokee National Forest and the Great Smoky Mountains.
  • New Mexico offers a western experience with desert, plains, foothills, mountains, and national forests.

If a person wants a good road trip closer to home, nearly every state has areas worth taking a short or medium road trip to. It just takes a little research to find enjoyable road trip routes in every state. Remember to have the Harley checked out for road trip worthiness before starting on the road trip. Take along the right clothing and other necessities for a safe and comfortable road trip.

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