Could Coded Canvases And Digital Tapestries Be The Next Big Hit For Homes?

Could Coded Canvases And Digital Tapestries Be The Next Big Hit For Homes?

Making a canvas or a tapestry has been around for generations with many still being handmade across the globe but with digital technology helping to streamline the processes could we see digital tapestries and coded canvases be the next big thing for the industry. 

Brighter Colours 

One of the biggest benefits when it comes to coded canvases and digital tapestries is the colour payoff that you gain. With many using these canvases to lessen the effects of emotional stress, this is the perfect way to brighten the home, whether this is in the living room or on the wall in your newly designed kitchen, this is the perfect way to add character to your home and provide unique artwork at the same time. With several best canvas prints UK services available online you can find a price that works for you regardless of the size of print you require. 

Longer Product Lifecycle 

In addition to the bright colours, the composition of these prints is often much stronger. This, therefore, means that the product lifecycle is significantly longer and the print is less likely to fade. This is because the print is often protected. The protection over the top of the print means that it can be hung in any room in the house and will not be damaged by light or dust. However, it is important to monitor if they have been laminated or varnished as laminate can lead to ink cracking and the canvas becoming damaged over its lifetime. 

Better Quality Results

If you are looking for quality prints that look almost real you can don no better than a digitally designed canvas or tapestry. With more detail available using computer editing software, the possibilities for new and exhibiting designs are endless. In addition, the saturation of the colour is often much brighter. This, therefore, allows for custom designs to be made to suit your own personal preferences. This is ideal for those looking to replace the design across a wide range of canvases as the print can be produced to look identical.

Customisable Sizing  

 Due to the design and colours being produced digitally, it is much easier to resize the project to suit your own personal needs. This will mean that there is no distortion when making the image larger and it can be completed within just a few minutes. This is much better than those created by hand and is often cheaper as there is less manpower involved in making the canvas prints. This is beneficial for those that are looking to give them as a gift or buy them for their own homes as they may well be able to find them at a reduced cost. 

With this in mind, there are several options when it comes to canvas printing allowing you to have the perfect design for your home without spending a small fortune. Will you be purchasing a canvas print in 2020? 


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