Destiny 2 Levelling Guide For Novice Players

Destiny 2 Levelling Guide For Novice Players

Sep 17, 2022, 10:25:11 AM Entertainment

All pumping in Destiny 2 can be divided into two stages: raising the character level to 20 and further increasing the strength of the equipment. If there are usually no questions about reaching the maximum level, then not everything is so precise with the kit. 

You need to boost your character to participate in events. One of the most popular is destiny 2 trials of osiris, where novice players can face some difficulties. Gamers very often use the help of special boosting services for the Trials carry. And in our guide, we will analyze in detail in which order it is better to pass the game content to achieve the best results. 

How to level up to level 20 in Destiny 2?

First of all, you need to go through the plot. As you progress, new types of activities will be available to you, without which you can't do further pumping anyway. The full game content will open only after completing the final mission. Also at this stage, you can be distracted by the following activities: adventures, lost sectors, open events, and crucible.

How to raise the power level to 265 in Destiny 2?

So, we have reached level 20 and completely passed the plot. Now it's time to get busy with your gear. There are two ways to raise it to level 265: by receiving engrams from merchants and passing multiplayer content. 

What are engrams?

An engram is a reward that you get for leveling the reputation of a certain merchant. You can pump it by completing tasks and getting special signs in this region. Remember one important point - the strength of an engram is determined at the time of its receipt, and not at the time of decryption. Therefore, there is simply no point in leaving exotic engrams for later. Open immediately and enjoy. 

The strength of the weapons and equipment that you will receive directly depends on the equipment that you have now. For example, if your overall strength level is 240, and you have only 210 the best helmet, then the next helmet will be slightly better than 210, but not 240. It follows from this that before you start getting engrams, you should run through ordinary merchants and fill holes in equipment up to level 200. Then you should pay attention to all the opportunities to get blue loot that the game provides you. After that, you can already do engrams. This will help you advance to the 265 power level or a couple of points higher. Please note that you can get engrams not only from traders on planets but also from key characters on the Wanderer. There, the reputation can be pumped with Blockage, Caviar, Shaks, and Banshee-44. Moreover, with the help of the latter, it swings very quickly due to the analysis of blue equipment. In addition to the activities listed above, the reputation will also help to pump: patrols, tests, and meditations.

How do I get legendary gear?

In addition to engrams, you can get legendary equipment for performing multiplayer content. We recommend you pay attention to the following types of activities: raids, heroic outdoor events, and crucible. Destiny 2 has different types of activities - and this is one of the reasons that players like this game it has a 7.6 rate on IMDB.

How to raise the power level above 265 in Destiny 2?

After you upgrade your strength level to 265, all of the above methods will no longer help you become stronger. It's time to move on to decisive weekly measures that we have saved for later.

Hotspots are a weekly event launched on one of the planets. Its essence boils down to passing a certain number of open events. You will see a percentage indicator on the screen of your milestones. A legendary or exotic loot is given for passing. To unlock hotspots, you will first have to complete the patrol task that Cade-6 will give you after returning to the farm.

The Call to Arms is a weekly PVP event issued by Shaxx. For passing, you can get legendary or exotic equipment. To open Calls to Arms, you will have to go through the appropriate quest chain. You can take it closer to the beginning of the game on the Farm of Shaxx.

Twilight Raids are a more complex version of normal raids, also designed for three players. There is a limit on the level of strength: at least 230. Every Tuesday, the Twilight raid will change. On September 12, a trial version of team selection for this type of activity started.

The Trials of the Nine is a weekly PVP event that is updated on Fridays after you have unlocked and passed your first Call to Arms. There is a limit on the level of strength: at least 260. Teams of 4 to 4 players will fight in the trials. Keep in mind that changing weapons, speck, and other things are not available here.

Trader Zur is a seller of exotic equipment who arrives every Friday at noon and departs on Tuesday. You can buy his goods for legendary shards.

After reaching level 20 and completing the story mission on each planet, you will have additional world quests with the crown symbol. It is recommended to start them no earlier than at 260 strength level. Activating the quest will start a whole chain of steps, including various types of activities like patrols, open events, and crucibles. Finally, you will have to go through something more serious, for example, a gloomy raid. An exotic loot is guaranteed for this assignment.

If you have never played Destiny 2 and are afraid that you will be bored, then we hasten to convince you that Bungie always tries to make their games fascinating and challenging.

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