Do Politicians Get Drug Tested in the United States?

Do Politicians Get Drug Tested in the United States?

Apr 27, 2022, 10:32:50 AM News

Politicians are not drug tested in the United States. But they may undergo a random drug test when there arises a suspicion or when they appear in the court for drug abuse-related cases. The recent introduction of the Bill "Exposing Congressional Drug Abuse Act" might bring some changes in the politicians' 5-panel drug test procedures when it gets to life. This blog will give you clarity about whether politicians are drug tested.

Why politicians' drug testing has become a point of discussion?

Politicians, be it in House of Representatives or the Senate, are not drug tested in general. There is no mandatory law that requires drug testing for politicians. Politicians are social representatives, and they are primarily responsible for building rules and regulations that run the entire country. The Federal Drug Testing Law requires drug testing is mandatory for all the government employees working in any government organization to drug test except for a clear drug testing requirement for politicians.

Drugs abuse might lead to impairment of brain functions, and politicians might stumble on their decision-making skills if they are drug abused. So, it is most significant for drug testing politicians randomly to check on their mental health and discipline. According to a survey conducted in 2013, nearly 78% of people in the United States need drug testing for politicians. 

Exposing Congressional Drug Abuse Bill

This is the bill introduced by Mr. Higgins of Lousinia to drug test (random drug test) Politicians and congress members. It includes each Member of Congress, a Delegate or Resident Commissioner, to submit to random tests for illegal use of controlled substances. This was introduced as a concurrent resolution in the House of Representatives on September 12, 2018.

As per the resolution, each member will undergo a random drug test once every term in the House they work for. If tested positive for a drug test, the confirmed positive result will be informed to the member involved, the Committee of Ethics (House of Representatives or Senate based on which house the member belongs to). There will be a review session with the committee regarding the drug test results.

The committee can disclose the identity of the member/members who refuse to participate in the random 5-panel drug test. The bill gives the exclusive right to create rules and regulations for the random drug test for the politicians.

This bill has a wonderful outlook to cover the politicians under the drug testing regulations. But it needs to work on the loopholes that the politicians might escape from being tested or pass the drug test using tampering methods.

Do Congress Interns get drug tested?

Yes, of course. The applicants selected as interns in Congress might go through a Urinalysis before getting into the job.

Final words

Politicians are one of the pillars of the U.S legal system, and hence they need to be drug tested. This improves decision-making skills, instills discipline, and empowers the politician's health. So far, politicians are not mandatorily drug tested. They might be drug tested in the upcoming future, and hence politicians need to retain from taking illicit drugs as they are setting an example for every citizen in the country.

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