Friendsgiving Food Ideas: Wing Boss, Trailer Birds & Big Deal Burger

Friendsgiving Food Ideas: Wing Boss, Trailer Birds & Big Deal Burger

Oct 11, 2022, 3:44:43 PM Life and Styles

Gather your squad - Thanksgiving is coming! but if you live far away from your family, then you’d probably want to celebrate the occasion with your friends instead. Just like how single ladies would gather their crew to celebrate “Galentine’s Day” on Valentine’s Day, “Friendsgiving” is an alternative to Thanksgiving for those who can’t celebrate it with their family for different reasons. And why settle for the same old, festive dishes like turkey when you can think outside the box? Spice things up with party foods that are sure to hype up the crowd. What better way to celebrate this beloved holiday than a festival feast of food and camaraderie? Want to take a potluck approach to Friendsgiving party and avoid cooking at all costs? Consider ordering food delivery or catering instead. From pit-smoked wings, Nashville Hot Chicken, tater tots to Southern burgers, we’re spoiled for choice when it comes to holiday foods. Read on to find out more about Friendsgiving Food Ideas. Be sure to pair them with dessert wines or beers!

It goes without saying that this Southern specialty is a party food that’s perfect for any special occasion. Who says turkey must be the festive dish of this beloved holiday? Not all carnivores love turkey and when you’re already celebrating it with friends instead, you certainly don’t have to follow all the traditions. Consider serving some finger-licking chicken instead of turkey. Succulent, crispy and blazing hot - Nashville Hot Chicken is sure to spice up your Friendsgiving party. This dish has come a long way from being a Nashville long-kept secret. It has been dubbed as one of the most iconic national dishes due to its orchestra of delectable flavors. Available for pickup, delivery and catering, Trailer Birds puts a modern twist on this classic Southern dish by serving up bold and unique flavors. You can pair it with delicious side dishes like Texas toast or hand-cut fry options too.

Tater Tots

Don’t fret if you’re responsible for bringing a Vegan friend to the table, or a health-conscious friend who’s on a diet. Look no further than those tater tots from Trailer Birds. Those golden treats are basically grated potatoes formed into bite-sized cylinders and deep fried. They are crunchy on the outside and pillow-y on the inside. On top of it, those bite-sized tater tots are delicate enough to carry around and bring to different parties. Many would say they are better than French fries, as they don’t get as oily and soggy as French fries normally do. If you’re looking for delicate snacks to nibble on after a heavy meal, then those tater tots would be your best bet. Be sure to finish off the meal with a cold beer too.

Speaking of Southern food, those barbecue burgers from Big Deal Burger are also great alternatives to Thanksgiving turkey. As the brainchild of Dickey’s Barbecue Pit’s culinary team, Big Deal Burger offers a plethora of burgers of beastly proportions that are sure to fill you up! They take cheeseburgers to the next level by incorporating pit-smoked barbecue meats, then stack them in a creative way. Instead of serving the burger with traditional buns, they have The Nunchuck Norris Cheeseburger that is stacked with grilled cheese sandwiches instead. It’s all about thinking outside the box when it comes to Friendsgiving parties. While the name “Nunchuck” has nothing to do with Bruce Lee, it got its name because of the crispy onion tanglers that are reminiscent of Japanese nunchaku. This is a burger that swings Nunchaku and is sure to kick the party up a notch. You can now build your own burger by picking whatever ingredients you want. 

Chicken wings have always been the top choice when it comes to party appetizers. But instead of getting buffalo wings, consider ordering barbecue wings from Wing Boss instead. Wing Boss takes pride in smoking their chicken wings with barbecue pit, giving them a hickory-smoke flavor. They slow smoke their wings in a controlled range of temperature and humidity, then flash fry them to order at 350 degrees. Wing Boss offers a wide array of flavors and dips, ranging from buffalo, spicy Korean, Thai sweet chili, lemon pepper rub and crazy Cajun sauce, you name it!

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