10 great conversation starters by Talkliv

10 great conversation starters by Talkliv

Jul 23, 2022, 3:35:24 AM Life and Styles

Conversations are a great way to share views and opinions. Today, most conversations happen through chats in social media and communication sites such as Talkliv or Facebook. People usually go to a site like Talkliv to look for intercultural communication that will help them see the world from a new perspective.

While on a social media platform, you’ll find some people from different cultures you can talk to. But you don’t want to come out as that weird person when starting a conversation. It is for this reason that we have selected 10 ideas that can help you start a conversation in a chat.

Ask for advice 

The best way to start a conversation is to ask for advice from the person you intend to talk to. This has been found to be a natural and efficient way to create a good relationship with someone fast. Even if you already know the answer to what you intend to ask, it is still a great way to approach someone, especially if you cannot think of another topic.

For example, on Talkliv, you can ask someone through chat what they like the most about the site or if they have used certain features, the answer may be obvious, but still asking will prompt them to reply and from there you can hop onto other topics.

Example: What’s the best way to search for a suitable companion on Talkliv?

You can go further and say something you like about the streaming feature and so on.

Give a compliment

Compliments when used at the right time and with the right words, can brighten anyone’s day and boost their confidence. To compliment someone, you can pick up something you like about them and mention how or why you like it.

Example: “I really like your watch, it fits nicely on your wrist”.

You can use follow up questions like “Where did you buy it from, is it pure gold?” You’ll be surprised at how fast this will help build the conversation.

Comment about the good stuff

On a site like Talkliv people fill in their profiles with information about them. These include hobbies or interests. You can find something positive to say about their interests such as the sports or video games they like playing. Some people may write on their profile that they like Drake’s music for instance. You can comment about this and say how you also like the vibes and messages in Drake’s songs. If they like your views and comments, they are more likely to reply and both of you can start building on conversation.

Example: I see you like Drake's music, what do you think of the new album?”

From this point, conversation can go deeper into the music or related subject.

Make an introduction

This may not apply in each and every situation, but when you introduce yourself, the other person will feel you are happy to meet them and is interested to have a conversation with them. On Talkliv you can initiate a conversation with someone by messaging them first starting with your name, and why you are reaching out.

For Example: “Hi, I am Marlene. I saw on your profile that you like reading books. I was hoping we could be friends and share some interesting topics we’ve read”.

You see, by doing this you’ve already given the conversation a go ahead, the other person will find it easy to reply, and from there you can start sharing ideas. There are so many ways to make an introduction, you just need to find things that interest the other person and use them creatively while introducing yourself.

Provide Help

Sometimes, you’ll see something that you can help with. This works well if you want to start a real life chat, but you can also use it on communication platforms like Talkliv. The person you wish to chat with might have written on their profile about the kind of people they wish to meet and ideas or topics they wish to explore with them. You can use this to initiate a conversation.

Example: “I see you want to meet people who can help you learn more about IT. This is one of my interests, and I believe I can help you”.

From there, you can talk more about computers and the other person will most likely ask questions.

Seek Help

Asking for help is a great way to initiate a conversation. People want to feel relevant and helpful, so when you ask for help, you are most likely to start and engage them in a conversation. Just make sure that the person you are asking for help is in a position to help you. Don’t go asking for something they can’t do like giving you free money for instance.

Example:I see you like watching movies and Tv shows, could you please recommend the best series you’ve watched this month?”.

Talk about a shared experience

If you like sports and the other party has mentioned something about sports on their profiles, then you both have a common interest. So, you can easily start a conversation by talking about sports in this case. This will make them also contribute to the conversation and before you know it, both of you will be going deeper into other topics.

Example: Who is your favorite NFL player?”.

Ask for opinion

Again as we have mentioned, people like to feel relevant and helpful and when you seek their opinions in particular matters, they will be interested in developing a conversation with you on the same topic. Even when they are not experts in the field you are asking the question about, they will still be interested to give you a response and from there you can go on to talk about other topics. But always ask for opinions on topics that are convenient to the other party or the ones relevant to current events.

Example: How do you like the new streaming feature Talkliv just introduced?”.

Offer praise where necessary

When you are meeting someone for the first time and want to start a conversation with them, you can praise them for accomplishments. For example, if their social media profile says they are a Professor in a certain field and have authored certain books, you can praise them for informative books. This will make them feel appreciated, and may make them interested to talk to you.

Example: “I have read your book on Social Growth, you made really good points”.

Show that you are genuine

Don’t start a conversation with irrelevant topics just because you want the other party to respond. Instead be genuine and find topics you know for sure they like. When you talk about their passions they will be interested to converse with you. In all this, always remember to keep the conversation positive and friendly!

Example: I see your T-shirt says TNT, do you work there or just like their offerings?”

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