Here Are the Fashion Trends You Need This Summer

Here Are the Fashion Trends You Need This Summer

Here Are the Fashion Trends You Need This Summer

Apr 1, 2022, 2:14:49 PM Life and Styles

This summer, we’re all ready for something new, fun, and vibrant. We’ve all been on lockdown for two years, and is COVID finally ending? It’s hard to tell. Some of us just want an excuse to get dressed up. Others have enjoyed the past two years of comfortable shoes and clothes and want to carry on with that, while still looking chic. 

Y2K fashion is back this year – it’ll be time to bare your midriff and show off your legs, if you’re brave. Bright colors are in, but so are white and black. You’ll find that many designers are experimenting with fun fringes and long hemlines – get ready to put yourself back out there this summer with bold choices.

Legs and Midriffs

This summer, midriff tops and tiny mini skirts are back. It’s all part of the resurgence of Y2K fashion. Jean waistlines are dropping again and baby doll tees are coming back. 

This might not be welcome news if you’ve gained some pandemic weight over the past couple of years. But ready or not, all kinds of tops are getting cropped – and DIY crop top looks are in. Models have been spotted strutting on runways in cropped cable-knit sweaters and button-down Oxford shirts. Longer skirts are getting cut off, too – an on-trend look for the summer is a cut-off pleated khaki skirt with the pockets sticking out the bottom. 

Chunky Platforms

After walking exclusively in flats for the past two years, how can we go back to heels? Summer 2022 is slated to be the summer of thick foam platform flip-flops, chunky platform heels, and even platform wedges. Whether you’re wearing sensible sandals or something a little sexy this summer, chances are it’s going to have a platform on it.

Bright Colors

Bright colors are on their way for summer 2022, as designers experiment more with quirky prints and bold monotones. Kermit green is the color of the season, with designers offering handbags, dresses, button-down shirts, and sweaters in the color. Neon pink, yellow, and orange are also very much on trend. Grab a bright pink pantsuit with a boxy, structured blazer, or a yellow knit maxi dress to keep up with women’s summer 2022 fashion trends.


Yes, there is room in the cornucopia of summer 2022 fashion for neutral tones, too. White is on trend – and there’s nothing like a set of white co-ords to show off your summer tan. Whether it’s hippie chic, athleisure, understatedly elegant, or richly embellished, all-white outfits are in this summer. Sport a white crop top with white paper bag shorts and a long white trench coat. Throw on a long white

maxi dress. Wear a white t-shirt with your oversized jeans.

If white isn’t your thing, that’s okay – combinations of black and white are also on trend. Look for black and white stripes, animal patterns (like cow print), and polka dots.

Maxi Skirts

It’s time to put your midi skirts away – the maxi skirt has returned to the forefront of fashion for summer 2022. Now is the time for fashion extremes – feathers, fringes, super-short skirts, and midriff-baring crop tops. Maxi skirts fit right into that – it’s just at the opposite end of the continuum from a mini-skirt. If you’re looking to continue your comfortable quarantine wardrobe for the foreseeable, what’s cozier than a knit maxi skirt? Designers are favoring the long, tube style maxi cut over tiered bohemian cuts or A-line cuts, thanks to their Y2K feel.

Baggy Jeans

Many an elder millennial will experience delightful frissons of nostalgia when donning this summer’s trendy baggy jeans, reminiscent of the JNCOs of years past. A pair of super baggy wide-leg jeans looks great with a crop top or just with a t-shirt. They’re comfortable for running errands and stylish for a night on the town. Go for high- or low-rise wide leg cuts to stay on trend.


You’ll be shimmying around the dance floor this summer in captivating fringed dresses in every color of the rainbow! This season’s fringes have found their way onto simpler silhouettes, so they don’t look dated or hippieish. The plain, bright colors of many fringed dresses help make this embellishment shine in summer looks. Fringes speak to a longing to bring the tactile experience back to fashion, with tassels popping up around hemlines but also shimmering along the entire length of the dress. Choose looks with fringed hems to stay on trend, and don’t be afraid to experiment a little with the look.

Are you ready for a summer of fun, colorful fashion? This summer’s trends are poised to bring a mix of nostalgia and playfulness that should make dressing up (or down) fun again. Now that you’re finally going back outside, why now show off some of this season’s colorful trends?

Published by Samantha Brown

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