How Can I Track the Flights of a Particular Airline?

How Can I Track the Flights of a Particular Airline?

Apr 15, 2020, 2:57:38 PM Life and Styles

The rise of flight-tracking services into a booming technology

With the rapid development of commercial aviation in the second half of the twentieth century, it became clear for wealthy tourists and businessmen that reaching a far-away destination could be best performed by air. An airliner quickly became a symbol of a safe means of transportation that can quickly deliver hundreds of people to the city located hundreds of miles away from the airport of their arrival. Moreover, with the increased demand for commercial aviation and severe competition between the world’s leading airlines, booking a flight became more affordable to masses.

However, there was one missing point that still left the industry in a not that privileged position as it could have been. The info about the current and the upcoming flights was provided to the tourists and their relatives only in the airports in the form of voice announcements or notes on the arrival-departure deck. Only the staff of the airports and the Armed Forces with their military radars were those persons on earth who had access to flight data in their region. Needless to say that this was very inconvenient for many tourists, so any positive changes in this policy could have been very welcomed by thousands of passengers. The rise of such services as FlightStats, FlightAware, Radar Avion, Plane Finder, and others accomplished that long-awaited positive shift in making commercial flight data public.

What technologies are used to track plane online?

Although technological development has generated many miraculous advancements that changed the lives of millions of people throughout the globe. At the same time, the ability to is now considered by many folks as some common thing that happens with no reason. However, the process of defining the current position of every commercial plane is not that easy at all as it seems to be at first glance. Actually, the system staying behind all these flight-tracking services is very complicated and expensive.

So what is the core technology that helps with tracking any commercial plane online? In most cases, this kind of surveillance is realized by using a global system of radars that are located on earth and send their signals to the sky. Every airliner, in its turn, is equipped with a special device called transponder that serves exactly for the purpose of receiving these signals from surveillance radars and sending the message back. The message transmitted back to earth usually includes data about the current location of the airline, its height, speed, and direction. Nevertheless, different transponders may give more or less info depending on their configuration.

Is it possible to track planes that belong to a particular airline?

Obviously, when speaking about the services provided by flight-tracking apps and websites, the scope of perks provided would never be the same. Each company has its own area of expertise and provides its own scope of services that they believe could help them target more users. However, most of the companies that are specialized in sharing data about commercial flights prefer to give users an option to track the planes of a particular airline. Moreover, they would also share the schedule of arrivals and departures of this airline in a certain airport, which is very convenient for dedicated passengers too.

Overall, the industry of commercial aviation is forecast to grow even more in the near future, so everything indicates that flight-tracking sector will definitely grow together with it. Therefore, users can expect the addition of new useful features that will only boost the popularity of flight-tracking services.


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