How Does Sugar Affect Your Teeth?

How Does Sugar Affect Your Teeth?

Jun 17, 2022, 8:47:22 AM Life and Styles

Most humans consume sugar without even considering the damage that sugar can cause to their teeth and body. According to research, an average human drinks about 17 teaspoons of sugar per day or about 270 calories, which is alarming and can threaten your teeth.

Want to know how to protect your teeth from sugar intake? I will enlighten you on the quantity of sugar you can consume, what sugary food you can consume, how often you consume sugary foods when it affects your teeth, and many more.

How Much Sugar Should An Average Human Consume Per Day

Human beings are often drawn to sugar mainly because of the sweet taste while neglecting the side effects that sugar can cause to the teeth. While many understand the side effects that sugar can cause, they choose to ignore the red signs due to their irresistible urge for sugary food.

According to research, it is okay for men to consume no more than 9 teaspoons, 36 grams of sugar, or 150 calories of added sugar per day, while It is okay for women to consume 6 teaspoons, 25 grams, or 100 calories per day.

Consuming more than this laid down appropriate amount of sugar can result in dental health challenges.

What Type Of Sugary Food Can You Consume

Although various side effects have been attached to a high sugar diet, not all sugar is bad and can wreak havoc on your teeth, and some sugary food can be okay for you to consume without worrying about the side effects. And these sugary foods are known to possess natural sugar.

Natural sugars are sugars in whole, unprocessed food, such as fructose in bananas, berries, or lactose in a glass of skim milk.

Foods that natural sugar can be found appear to be low in calories and sodium, very high in water content, and many more vital vitamins and minerals, which are very good for your teeth and body.

The fiber in fruits helps depreciate how quickly your body absorbs the sugar, so you don't get the same sugar level you usually eat after eating a doughnut. And the lactose found in milk comes with a large number of proteins that supply sustained energy so that you can be filled longer than after a sugar-packed soda.

How Often Can One Consume Sugary Foods

High consumption of sugar has been the order of the day for numerous individuals. Most people consume way too much sugar per day, resulting in many side effects.

Most people can't do without chocolate, candy, and a lot of added sugar food they consume in large quantities each day without even knowing how bad it can be for their health.

Nutritionists and health experts have clarified how bad a lot of sugar intake can be and suggested how often one can consume sugary foods.

There is no clear figure given on how often you should take sugar. Nutritionists and health experts always advise that one should, if possible, derive their sugar from natural sugar that doesn't have any side effects or decrease their sugar intake to ten times lower than their former intake. For example, if an individual always consumes the sugar in high quantity every day of the week, then such individual should decrease their intake to once a week.

How Does Sugar Affect Your Teeth?

Everyone knows the loads of dental health issues that sugar can cause your teeth. Various species of bacteria dwell in your mouth. Some are good for your dental health, while some are harmful.

Research has discovered that a selected group of dangerous bacteria generate acid in your mouth whenever they come in contact or absorb sugar.

This acid expels minerals from the tooth enamel, which is your tooth's shiny, protective outer layer. This procedure is known as demineralization.

But the good news is that your saliva helps continuously reverse the damage in a natural process called remineralization.

The minerals in your saliva, including phosphate and calcium, and fluoride from toothpaste and water, assist the enamel in repairing itself by replacing lost minerals. This makes your teeth very strong and not vulnerable to dangerous bacteria.

However, the continuous cycle of acids attack causes mineral loss in the enamel. And over time, this weakens and destroys the enamel while forming a cavity.

Clear Signs That Indicate That You Are Consuming Too Much Sugar

Sugar seems to be one the most compulsory element of everyone's diet, but too much sugar intake is not proper for the body. Below are some clear signs that indicate that you are consuming too much sugar, and these warning signs can be a red flag for you to decrease your sugar intake.

Poor Skin Health

Sugar could be the main reason behind the skin conditions you are experiencing. Acne is the most probable skin condition you will experience if you take too much sugar. A high intake of sugar activates androgen secretion, which results in acne. So, don't blame your skincare routine; instead, reduce sugar intake for healthy skin.

Feeling Tired Every Time

You can blame your sugar consumption if you constantly feel weak and lack the stamina to carry out your regular daily duties. An increase in sugar in your diet can cause you to lose energy.

Continuous High Blood Pressure

Not only is salt known to be able to spike your blood pressure, but sugar can as well do the same! Various research has an emphasis on the effect of sugar on blood pressure. You must be able to control your sugar consumption to avoid hypertension.

Weight Gain

Weight gain is the most popular side effect of too much sugar intake. Your high sugar consumption can make it impossible for you to fit in your wear. Numerous people entirely avoid sugar to shade some weight.

Not happy with the extra pounds around your belly? Then you need to decrease your sugar intake.

How To Protect Your Teeth From Sugar 

Continuous sugar intake can cause severe damage to your teeth, sugar can even start affecting your teeth within minutes of consuming it, and the people who often consume sugar and snacks are most at risk.

To help you guide your teeth against tooth decay, we have gathered some tips that can help you protect your teeth from sugar.

Brush Your Teeth Thoroughly

Always brush your teeth thoroughly and at least twice a day with fluoride toothpaste.

Avoid Snacking

Limit your sugary foods intake and snacks because each acid attack on your teeth lasts no less than 20 minutes. Thus the more sugary foods you eat, the more your teeth are exposed to toxic acid that can destroy your teeth.

Avoid Sugary Drinks

Drinks such as soda, juice, or energy drink are majorly harmful to your teeth. Limit your consumption of sugary drinks, or stop it if you can. And if at all you want to consume one, make use of a straw to keep your teeth less exposed to the sugar and acid in the drink. I hope you find this information very helpful. If you have more questions or would simply like to discuss general preventive care with a dentist visit Humber Summit Family Dentistry.

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