How Often Should You Get Your Mercedes’ Tyres Replaced?

How Often Should You Get Your Mercedes’ Tyres Replaced?

Oct 1, 2020, 11:20:36 AM Tech and Science

A Mercedes-Benz doesn’t come cheap- This is an expensive luxury car that requires utmost care to ensure that it performs as smoothly as promised. One of the most crucial components to care for is the car’s tyres, which are more important than one would think! 

That’s why you need to drive with care, and to also maintain it well to ensure your car’s safety and performance. However, tyres do start to wear off after a few hundred miles, and inevitably, they’ll require replacement. But how will you know when your Mercedes’ tyres need to be replaced?

Read on to find out!

How Often Should You Get Your Mercedes’ Tyres Replaced?

The Mercedes-Benz is packed with so many amazing safety features and perks, from sensors to cameras, and even driver-assist features. But with all this in mind, you shouldn’t overlook your tyres, even if they aren’t as glamorous compared to the cooler features around.

With worn tyres that haven’t been replaced yet, it can increase your car’s risk of:

Losing control, grip, or traction

Increased braking distance

Skidding and/or hydroplaning

With these in mind, when should you replace them? 

Well, there isn’t an exact time. Just like any other car-related questions, the answer would be, “It depends.”

This isn’t the exact answer you were looking for, but this is the most accurate one. Why? Because there are various factors that may extend or shorten your tyres’ lifespan, such as:

1.The Way You Drive

Being an owner of a Mercedes-Benz, I’m sure you would want to push your car to the limits, especially the higher-end models. After all, the Mercedes isn’t just luxury, it’s power and performance! 

BUT, just because these cars have power doesn’t mean you should always push it past the speed limit or on rough terrains. Just like any cars’ tyres, doing so would prematurely wear them out.

If you continue doing rapid acceleration, brake harshly, turn to sharp corners, and put your car under stressful driving conditions, it can wear your tyres out more, causing them to bald even earlier. This would have you need to replace your tyres more so than the typical driver. 


This is such a short and simple task, only taking a few minutes. But inflating your tyres can add up to a few months into its lifespan, as long as you do it correctly!

If you leave your tyres underinflated OR over-inflated, it can end up wearing out your tyres further. This also gets a bit more complicated, as each Mercedes model has a different weight, so it requires a specific level of inflation and pressure. Again, this is a factor that can make or break your tyres’ lifespan!

You will know the psi your tyres need based on the owner’s manual or the tyre placard from the fuel flap door. If it’s not shown, you can do a quick online search or contact Mercedes specialists for help.


The weight your car has will equal to faster tyre wear. It’s simple!

Unless you’re driving a high-end Mercedes model (such as the X-Class, Caddy, Sprinter, or Vito), your Mercedes is a passenger vehicle. The suspension and its tyres aren’t designed for heavy loads. 

Heavy loads won’t create long-lasting damage, though it does speed up the wearing of your tyres, especially when you continue overloading your vehicle in the long run. 

Find out how much weight your car can carry and make sure you stay within, and even under, that recommended weight range. 

4.Any Alignment Issues

Of you hit a bump, curb, or drive over a deep pothole, it feels irritating. But it isn’t just uncomfortable hitting a bump; it can also misalign your wheels, causing tyres to wear out quickly. When you have misaligned wheels, it may result in your tyres hitting the road in uneven manners, rather than sitting flat on the road, with your tyres’ edges making contact with it. 

Misalignment can also happen as your tyres and its bearings, ball joints, and suspension parts begin to gradually wear out. Make sure you have your wheels realigned and corrected, if necessary, which prolongs your tyres’ lifespan. 

5.The Time Since Replacement

Even with good level treads, you need to replace your tyres after five years. Rubber would degrade, wearing out and brittle over time. So even if your tyres look fine, I recommend that you get your tyres once they reach past the five-year mark. It’s better safe than sorry, especially since some car accidents are reported to have tyres over five years old. 

We can say that the average time, or latest time, to replace your car tyres is about five years or less.

Wrapping It Up

When you replace your Mercedes’ tyres on time, it can improve your car’s overall performance and prevent any accidents from happening. Fortunately, tyre replacement doesn’t need to be so difficult, as you just need to head to your nearest Brisbane Mercedes repairs and mechanics to do it for you. Besides this, make sure that you drive and maintain your car properly, which can improve the tyre’s lifespan and mileage.

Hopefully, my article answered your question about when you should change your Mercedes’ tyres. Now that you know about tyre replacement, do have your tyres checked to see if they are still good to use for another few hundred miles or so.

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