How To Choose The Right Perfume Online

How To Choose The Right Perfume Online

Jan 20, 2021, 5:35:00 AM Life and Styles

Perfume and colognes are scents that women and men wear to smell good and enhance their beauty. However, choosing a perfume is tough, but choosing the right perfume online is tougher. That’s because you can’t actually smell it.

But we are here to help you. This article gives you an ultimate guide to help you buy the right perfume online from sites such as that sell high-quality perfumes.

Let’s get started!

1.Do your research

According to studies, 81% of consumers research a product online before actually purchasing it. This is no different with perfumes and colognes. Consumers do this so that they can equip themselves with as much information as possible about the particular product they want to buy. Read the customer reviews and check if the site you want to order your perfume is legitimate. Yelp can help you with that. In addition to that, don’t forget to read the shop’s return policies to know if you will be able to return the perfume or cologne if you are not happy with it. 

2.Sign up for a quiz

Some websites offer scent personality quizzes to help shoppers to determine the type of scents they prefer, their actual personality, and what kind of lifestyle they lead. Getting answers to these quizzes can help you find the right fragrance.

3.Read the descriptions carefully

Many people usually ignore descriptions when buying a perfume online. This is absolutely wrong. Fragrances should be described in a way that evokes some kind of emotion. That will help consumers understand whether or not the scent matches their personality and lifestyle. If you are into heavy activities, heavy and overpowering scents may not be appealing to you. So, when shopping for perfume online, look for descriptions that are appealing to you, and match your personality and lifestyle.

4.Get to know your perfume notes and fragrance families

Knowing the fragrance families can help you determine which type of fragrance is ideal for you- whether it is floral, citrus, fruity, oriental, woody, musky, etc. Remember that just because you prefer one perfume that sits in a particular family, it doesn’t mean that you are into every scent in that family. However, that’s a perfect way to narrow down what you are drawn to. 

5.Know the perfumer

Today, there are so many perfume brands in the market, making it hard to know which one is better. Knowing the perfumer as well as their values can help you determine if the perfume is ideal for you. Are you looking for a perfumer with a perfumery experience and uses natural ingredients through traditional methods? Or do you want to be at peace knowing that all fragrance you buy will be the same? Whatever you are looking for, knowing the perfumer behind your new fragrance can help you manage any expectation of the scent.

6.Don’t focus on the price

Another thing, when buying your perfume online, don’t focus more on the price. That’s because a high price does not necessarily mean that the perfume will be good. However, refrain from buying perfumes at extremely low prices. They may not be of good quality.

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