How to Make Your 2022 Influencer Marketing Strategy Stronger

How to Make Your 2022 Influencer Marketing Strategy Stronger

How to Make Your 2022 Influencer Marketing Strategy Stronger

Jan 7, 2022, 2:38:47 PM Viral

The year 2022 will be a battle of the most powerful digital marketing strategies that can build brand awareness and topple the competition. Influencer marketing will be an integral part of this strategy. Here’s how to make your next year’s influencer marketing strategies stronger than ever.

1) Find a strong brand connection

There are millions of influencers out there一you need to sift through them to find “the one.” Having the right influencers on your arsenal is foundational to the campaign’s success. As such, the first important step is finding a strong affinity between your brand and the influencers. After that, there should be a fit.

In some instances, influencers say no to brands that they think will alienate them from their followers or subscribers. They build their audience, so they are lenient to protecting it. Some influencers would even do a trial period, testing your product, before they would sign with your brand. These are the right influencers to work with一the creators who would respect your brand for what it is and respects the influencers in return.

2) Give influencers creative freedom

Influencers do what they do best: content. They’ve amassed a following because of how they build a strong audience connection. So if you are going to hire an influencer and dictate and impose what content you want to be created and published, think again. Influencer marketing and influencers themselves have a process that brands need to recognize and respect. 

What you can do is to prepare brand guidelines that the influencers may take a cue from. These guidelines are composed of rules and standards on how the brand should be represented. Nonetheless, give the content creators the freedom to build branded content from scratch.

3) Avoid shortchanging the creators

One of the biggest turnoffs in enlisting the help of influencers is underpaying them. They make possible collaborations with whatever resources they have, so never underestimate nor undercompensate them.

Newer influencers foraying into the branded campaigns would naturally want to be paid. However, some would accept free products for exposure and portfolio-building purposes. Therefore, it would be best to ask what types of compensation the influencers expect. Some invested in equipment, but for those who don’t have anything yet, you could always extend help. For example, you may connect them with your in-house production team to produce the right branded content. Whichever you choose, don’t forget to compensate them for the value they may bring to your brand.

4) Enlist the help of others

Brands have a fear of execution, on top of fearing the uncertainty of outcomes. Such fears intensify knowing that they don’t have any in-house resources to pull off an influencer marketing campaign regardless of how small scale it is. Nonetheless, as a modern brand, you need to be experimental. Brands need to dip their toes into influencer marketing. 

If you have no idea how to start with influencer marketing, agencies that have influencer management as their core service can help you navigate through creating a campaign from scratch. After all, about 80% of the brands outsource their marketing campaign to a third-party agency. Such partnerships have immense benefits. For example, the brand may capitalize on the pool of influencers that an agency has and deal with mundane tasks such as preparing the brand guidelines, choosing the influencers from the shortlist provided by the agency, and planning out the creatives instead.

Above are some of the things that can make this strategy stronger in 2022, and the most important of which is developing the mindset that influencers can make your brand stand out from the crowd. Influencer marketing starts internally and requires significant commitment. However, this doesn’t mean you need to do it alone一influencer management agencies are here to help.

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