How to Save on Clothes while Shopping Online

How to Save on Clothes while Shopping Online

May 1, 2019, 1:27:09 PM Life and Styles

Contrary to what retailers tell us, we do not need clothes every other week. An ever expanding wardrobe at the cost of a bulky pocket is a burden. Less is more; you can be fashionable for significantly less amounts if you use all the money saving techniques up your sleeve. Here are some pretty easy ways to save money when shopping for clothes online.

The best time to buy clothes online is between Tuesday and Thursday

According to research, you should scout and find the best deals from Tuesday to Thursday while Sundays are a complete no-no. November is also the best time to shop, followed by post-Christmas sales in January.

Use Live Chat

Most of us fail to look at the online chats which can give you plenty of information. However, chats can actually be used to improve upon your bargaining skills! It’s okay to ping them and begin chatting on what exciting offers they can give you for your favourite products. Many get a huge discount thanks to their haggling skills.

Leave the products you’re unsure about in your cart

Leaving your products in a cart for a while with an incomplete transaction, as sometimes these brands will come back via an email with an exciting offer. You must be registered with the brand through an active email account to avail this offer.

Use filter to your best advantage

Every online site is going to offer you thousands of items for everything you search. So you end up frustratingly browsing through a huge list of items till you throw up your hands in despair!!

Worry not, every site actually offers you huge filters options which are usually underutilized. Filter not only by outfit, but also by brand, size, colour, price, even specifics. Rather than being flooded with options, you will get reasonable and easy to browse results. Fashion sites offer user friendly websites and good filters helping you pick clothes and accessories easily.

Know your retailers

When you are shopping online – either for shoes or accessories, check out different sections of each site and watch out for what’s good and exclusive on each of them. You can make a note of the best offerings on each online site and go straight to the best one next time you’re looking for something.

Wait for a holiday

If there's no urgency, like your favourite colour outfit, think about any potential upcoming holiday's which might likely call for a sale and you might get a crazy deal. If you're not sure whether or not a store will be rolling out a sale, chat their online support or email customer service to ask.

Search for coupons

If you’re not getting coupon codes from the abandoned-cart strategy, watch out for coupons from popular couponing sites. You can simply search for the coupons with the brand name in browser and you will find various sites like Couponx, Retailmenot, Shoppirate and etc. They could save you whopping amounts and you end up with the best deals and some pretty cool clothes.


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