Hughes Marino: Corporate Advisory With Local to Global Representation

Hughes Marino: Corporate Advisory With Local to Global Representation

May 29, 2022, 2:38:33 PM Business

Hughes Marino stands apart from other firms of its kind thanks to its total focus on tenant representation. Serving cities throughout the United States as well as around the world, the business works with international clients from Munich, Sydney, Beijing, London, Toronto, and more. And the company’s management says it gains new clients every day.

According to, despite operating on a global scale, the company’s approach to delivering total commitment to excellence remains the same. Regardless of where clients are located, the tenant representation business ensures those customers will have their long-term needs met along with optimum service. The brand has helped U.S.-based brands find commercial properties overseas to propel international growth.  

Culture Remains at Core of Company’s Success

Some of the services at which Hughes Marino excels include tenant representation, project and construction process management, culture consulting, planning and design, green building guidance, and portfolio lease administration and advisory services. 

Its project and construction team has more than a century of combined experience and has managed more than $500 million in construction projects. From architect and engineer coordination to building standards and base systems evaluation, the team works closely with clients to deliver each one’s property needs. 

Hughes Marino has been recognized for its culture by Entrepreneur, Fortune, and Inc., and continues to offer its cultural consulting expertise to clientele around the world. The company was highlighted in business coach Joe Calloway’s book The Leadership Mindset as a prime example of how culture drives success.

Its planning and design team spends time with clients to understand office space goals and collect data based on a company’s needs, recommending efficient space utilization and furniture floor plan strategies.

By adding meaningful artwork, luxurious touches such as comfortable couches and gourmet kitchens, eco-conscious office assets, and playful office accents such as a gaming table or unique lighting, Hughes Marino’s leadership says they’re reigniting the power of office culture one detail at a time. 

Additional culture consulting benefits include helping brands develop their own set of core values to resonate with workers and customers, as well as a checkup on team communication and why it matters more now than ever. 

“When we founded Hughes Marino, it was on the principle that great companies deserve the best representation out there,” Managing Director Tucker Hughes says. “We committed ourselves to providing our clients with professional services that are not only cutting edge but are entirely comprehensive. Simply put, we’re about getting our clients the best possible results while saving them time, reducing their risk, and maximizing their flexibility. We’re revolutionizing our industry while simultaneously changing the game for companies and how they tackle finding solutions.”

He adds the operation works to educate companies to learn what options are available and help them make a decision. 

Hughes Marino Keeps Focus On Values Locally and Globally

Although it continues expanding nationally and internationally, owner Shay Hughes says it’s still about the power of the handshake and the importance of developing business relationships with integrity and solidifying lasting professional bonds. “We are proud to call our clients partners, in a collaborative effort to grow our respective companies through organic, strategic, and tactical growth,” she says. 

With a hyperfocus on client relationships, Shay Hughes says the organization relishes the opportunity to bring its insight and expertise to new markets and is continually on the lookout for its next big endeavor. 

A significant push behind what has made the institution so sought after both nationally and internationally, according to Hughes, is the team’s culture as well as the team itself. 

“The best companies in the world second the value of recruiting the best people and making them a first priority,” she adds. “The common thread behind award-winning companies is outstanding people.” 

Hughes Marino has a very meticulous approach to attracting new talent and Shay Hughes says it’s made all the difference in setting the firm apart from competitors. 

Hughes Marino also recognizes businesses around the world in the “Spaces We Love” section of its website. From Lululemon’s Vancouver, Canada, headquarters to IKEA’s Innovation Lab in Copenhagen, Denmark, to’s Singapore office, Hughes Marino team members keep a close eye on national and international trends, design, and construction. 

At Hughes Marino, the mantra around its various offices continues to be “Success is not an entitlement. You have to earn it every day.” As the commercial property advisory enterprise continues to expand its worldwide footprint, the company is boldly moving through its 11th year in operation.

The agency also expanded stateside during the COVID-19 pandemic, opening a Denver office and continuing to set its sights on new opportunities. 

Published by Samantha Brown

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