Identifying And Repairing Transmission Problems

Identifying And Repairing Transmission Problems

Oct 27, 2022, 12:41:48 PM Life and Styles

You're moving right along, singing along to your favorite songs and enjoying a nice drive. Suddenly, a loud grinding noise brings the fun to a halt—it's a transmission problem. Repairs can be expensive, ranging from a few hundred to several thousand dollars depending on the vehicle's make and model as well as the severity of the problem. Here, we'll discuss a few signs that it's time for transmission repair or replacement.

Warning Lights

An illuminated check engine light can point to transmission problems. While some people drive for hundreds of miles with the light on, it's never a good idea, as these problems don't go away on their own. The longer transmission service is delayed, the more damage will be done, and the costlier repairs will be. Thankfully, when you contact Sir Car Part, we'll help you find out what's wrong with the transmission and recommend cost-effective solutions.

Odd Noises

Most cars and trucks make at least some noise, especially those that are older. The sounds a failing transmission makes, however, are different. If your vehicle is making loud grinding or buzzing noises when driving, or if it's making clicking sounds at idle, take it in for transmission service as soon as possible.


In many cases, strange sounds are accompanied by shaking and tremors at idle. When a vehicle shakes it's a sign that, at the least, it's time to check the transmission fluid level.

Fluid Leaks

If you've just read the previous section and thought, 'I just changed the fluid', you may have bigger problems, such as a leak that's allowing all that new fluid to drain away. To check for a leak, look for a puddle or trail of liquid behind or under the vehicle. New fluid is a bright red, while old and dirty fluid may be a darker, dirtier color.

Foul Odors

Next time you're out for a drive, give your vehicle a sniff test. Transmission problems make themselves quite evident, in the form of a strong burning odor. While the smell itself is bothersome enough, so is the fact that it points to a severe transmission fluid leak. If you notice a burning smell after driving, take your car or truck in for an inspection.

Sluggish Acceleration

If it seems as if your vehicle is a bit more sluggish than it used to be, a failing transmission may be to blame. Slow acceleration typically occurs when the transmission is on its way out. If your vehicle can't keep up with local traffic, have it towed to the nearest service center.

Sudden or Hard Shifting

Along with the symptoms mentioned above, you may have noticed difficult or slow gear shifts. These issues don't go away without treatment; in fact, they will only get worse. Don't put yourself and others at risk—when your vehicle stalls or slips through the gears in traffic, bring it in for repairs.

Transmission Repairs Don't Have to Be Expensive

If you've seen any of these signs, it's likely that you'll need transmission repairs. It doesn't have to break the bank, as we'll do what we can to help you find the right parts at a great price. Get a quote online, request additional information, or call today to find the right transmission for your car, truck, or sport utility vehicle.

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