Infrared Catalytic Empowered Heaters For Industrial Systems

Infrared Catalytic Empowered Heaters For Industrial Systems

Infrared Catalytic Empowered Heaters For Industrial Systems

Mar 7, 2022, 3:11:25 PM Tech and Science

Infrared catalytic heatersare game-changing heating solutions for industrial systems. Read on to find out how they work and their benefits and applications. 

Heating is an essential element of the majority of industrial processes, and the need for a safe, cheap, and efficient heating system is ever-present. In the earlier days of the industry, the biggest concern with traditional heating systems was the dangerous threat they posed because of the high levels of heat they provided. Today, however, there are safer alternatives to conventional heating systems, with the most important one being infrared catalytic heaters.

In this article, we’ll be discussing how infrared catalytic heaters work, what advantages they serve to industrial processes, and where these heaters can be used. 

How Do Infrared Catalytic Heaters Work?

Heat is primarily transported through conduction, convection, and radiation. Infrared catalytic heaters make use of the heat radiating property in which heat is transmitted directly and does not need a medium to travel through (for example, the sun’s radiated heat reaches the earth by traveling through a vacuum). 

The Advantages of Infrared Catalytic Heaters

Infrared catalytic heaters are rising in popularity because of the many advantages they bring. For starters, these heaters do not need complex permitting or containment rings for hazardous fluid baths and also significantly eliminate environmental risks. The catalytic reactions that generate heat also emit little to no VOCs or volatile organic compounds, which are serious industrial pollutants and can be harmful to the environment. Using infrared catalytic heaters greatly reduces this risk.

Some other advantages of catalytic heaters include that they are certified for use in hazardous locations. These heaters do not produce a flame and are highly efficient as energy is transmitted directly from the heat source to the target location, meaning that these heaters use up less energy. Infrared heaters can also be adjusted to suit the exact voltage, wavelength, and power required, producing better results and speeding up the manufacturing process. 

Industrial Applications of Infrared Catalytic Heaters 

From embossing and laminating to welding, drying, industrial heating, and beyond, infrared catalytic heaters have many industrial applications, some of which we’ve discussed in more detail below. 

Industrial Heating 

Heating is an essential step in every industrial manufacturing process. The most obvious and primary use of infrared catalytic heaters is for industrial heating, be it for mirrors, filter housings, or engines. Infrared heating systems are well-suited to these processes as they are precise and speedy and ensure the workflow is streamlined and efficient. 

Cutting And Welding 

Industrial welding is also a necessary process mainly used in the manufacturing of plastics, pipes, tanks, and beyond. Infrared heating can be used to weld the parts together without having lumpy particles in the tubes. It works exceptionally well when combined with vibration welding, as it melts the surface of the material, minimizing particle formation during the welding process itself. 


When it comes to drying varnishes, paints, and coatings of all kinds, infrared catalytic heaters can come in handy. They work best for water-based drying components but can be used for other materials as well. Overall, they speed up the drying process significantly, providing maximum performance and drying capacity while saving energy at the same time. 


Infrared catalytic empowered heaters are the ultimate flameless heating solutions you need for your business. They are a more environmentally-friendly, safer, and efficient alternative to traditional heating appliances and have many applications across industries of all sectors. If you’ve been wondering whether an infrared catalytic heater is worth the investment, this is your sign to get your hands on one now! 

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