Latest Web Development Trends in 2018

Latest Web Development Trends in 2018

Oct 28, 2018, 11:33:44 PM News

Web Design Offers Amazing Insights into Modern-Day Culture

The profusion of innovative flair in the design arena is all too evident in the amazing array of web design creatives. The cultural zeitgeist of our time is a terrific barometer of what to expect when it comes to web design trends peppering the market. Social and cultural norms, changing moods, moments, and motifs coalesce to create engaging web design and development trends. It should be noted that trends, like fashions, are transient. Designers and developers must strike while the proverbial iron is hot; infusing their creative flair into the pulse of the market to gain traction with audiences. Such is the ‘shifting sands’ nature of web design and development that if you blink, you may miss the creative express train and be left in the shadows. Web designers and developers have their fingers on the pulse of the latest trends and developments. These folks live in the now, shaping and fomenting the trends that will take center stage in 2018.

Kicking off the discussion on amazing modern-day web design and development trends is artificial intelligence and interactive chatbots. It comes as no surprise that AI is rapidly gaining traction in the Internet of things. Everywhere we look, there is an element of awareness in our smart systems and appliances. Silicon Valley is fast-tracking the development of autonomous vehicles, autonomous robots, and autonomous security systems to name but a few. AI and interactive chatbots are increasingly being used in website design and development.

It is now much easier to fully integrate AI-fueled chatbots with open APIs. These engaging software systems are ideal as interactive tools for the ultimate customized user experience. It comes as no surprise that this form of website design and development is exceptionally popular in advertising and marketing cases, and especially useful with customer service applications to fast-track the onboarding process. Websites looking to enhance engagement levels can certainly learn a thing or two by using AI and chatbots.

Data Visualization Web Design and Development Tools

2018 has seen a plethora of wildly entertaining storytelling taking place with data visualization. Websites are now using the power of interactive media to create captivating designs for audiences. People who love metrics, analysis, and graphical representations thereof will be bowled over by the glut of high-end data visualization web design options that are now available. There are many such examples of this on the World Wide Web today, notably in the form of infographics.

We also see other types of static mediums being used with data visualization. This web design trend looks likely to cement itself as a popular staple of website architecture moving forward. Raw data is inherently unappealing unless it is presented in such a fashion that it evokes the interest of users. Data visualization methodology does precisely that, and it is a highly effective tool. By placing data in a visual context using patterns, graphics, and images, it is much easier to grasp the significance of the metrics. For web designers, it's a win-win.

Animation in Website Design

A website user interface (UI) can benefit tremendously from correctly using animation. Animation is a powerful multi-media tool designed to increase engagement, spark interest, and conversion with websites. Animation is creativity at its maximum. It allows the user to engage with the website in a novel way, delivering powerful and entertaining solutions in the process. Animation is alive and exciting, and it certainly adds an element of uniqueness to the UI.

The inherent benefit of micro-interactions on the user interface can certainly push a website over the edge and give it a competitive advantage. The objective is to create a rich and rewarding user experience, not a disruptive interaction that will drive the customer away from the website. It's also important to understand that too much animation can result in slow loading, lagging websites, or adversely affect usability. These issues should certainly be evaluated before website animation is implemented in design and development.

Bold and Adventurous Website Design and Development

Web design relies heavily on typography for making a statement. The specific typography that is used can have a timeless effect on the website, provided it is done right. In terms of trending, typography has lasting power that transcends cultural fads and establishes a sense of staying power. Many of the finest web designers out there focus a significant amount of their time and effort on typography to create precisely the right style, statement, and solidity for the website.

Typography is an integral component of web design, and it is used for enhanced usability and greater legibility. One of the notable trends taking place in 2018 is the use of superimposed typefaces. These are increasingly being used on stock photography as well as broken layouts. It's effective in that it creates the perfect contrast as well as a formidable visual balance. For users, it's a no-brainer – bold and adventurous website design and development can be truly captivating. This is especially notable when it is based on storytelling, with custom typefaces and interactive movement through the action.

Powerful Multimedia Integration in Website Design

The use of multimedia functionality in website design and development is nothing new. However, it's the way that web designers and developers are fusing thematic elements with multimedia to create an all-encompassing stylistic package that works. Take 888casino Slot Races is a case in point. As a market leading online casino, 888casino is certainly at the top of its game. However, web designers are continually gauging the pulse of the market to ensure that this juggernaut remains in pole position.

The Slot Races is a slot-machine-themed contest where players go up against other players in a battle for dominance in a leaderboard style challenge. To get players excited, web designers and developers have juxtaposed a multimedia-rich series of elements onto the page. Music, adrenaline, and video combine to ramp up the action and spirit. The result is a tour de force in powerful multimedia integration through website design.

Minimalist Website Design Still Attracts Huge Numbers    

Believe it or not, feast or famine-style design both have an audience with users. There are an equal number of web designers who prefer maxing out all possible creatives as there are those who prefer minimalism in web design and development. Minimalism is certainly impressive when a web designer wants the user to focus exclusively on a single product or service. This is highly effective in targeted marketing, and is just as appealing to users today. Minimalism is timeless, both in a stylistic sense, and as an entrenched design philosophy. It gained traction in print media and through graphic designers during WW2 and still has a notable following of ardent supporters today. Minimalism is evident in the way people decorate their homes, their work desks, and the way they dress.

For many folks, less is more and minimalist website design is proof of that. What's great about a minimalist website design and development structure is that it focuses attention on core elements. All the proverbial ‘noise’ is eliminated, and the designer can target a specific aspect with unbridled attention. By emphasizing a minimalist approach vis-a-vis visual, the shift to content becomes even more important. The correct web design and development structure is sacrosanct with a minimalist design. In other words, the typography and grid structure must gel with the minimalist imagery. When it comes to imagery, stock photography is less prevalent today than in the early 2000's, but these images must be combined in such a fashion that they effectively communicate the company's message to audiences. The right background colors and scenery are just as important as the layouts and grids that are used.


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