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Learn about the course of life of the prominent real estate agent Max Polyakov that became a millionaire in 26. Being a great example of successful person, the well-known entrepreneur has been bringing a lot of useful projects into life.

About Polyakov’s family

Being the emigrants from the Soviet Union Mr. and Ms. Polyakov decided to pack their luggage, take their children and move to the USA for a better life. American Dream is so close they thought. They haven’t even thought about their son to become so successful businessman. But before it the father had find several jobs and all the children became to work at the age of thirteen. The things were very hard, but the family overcame all difficulties and wriggled out of a tight situation.

School and the early age

In the childhood Max liked the buildings and spent his mornings walking to school and admiring them. He just struggled to be the best in everything starting from school and ending sports. Achieving several rewards, he rapidly became the top student and honor to his school. Then Max Polyakov was admitted to the high school and had to entered The New York university.

His affection for gorgeous buildings there was sparked. New York has always been one of the places in the US with the most astonishing design and architecture. Max Polyakov realized that making a business out of that is in a little while.

Noosphere blog – the beginning of the triumph

Before long, decided to depict the buildings admiration and created a blog. Firstly, it was just a hobby and some way to receive additional profit. He wrote the real estate reviews which were liked by a lot of followers. In the free time Max Polyakov visited some of the expensive real estate alternatives in the city and wrote a trustworthy review about the worthiness of the building. He helped some rich people to choose the best option and not to be cheated. Max Polyakov offered low-priced and superior variants for his followers and gave cogent reasons why. Soon people began giving him money for information about various real estate selections. Max Polyakov provided only unbiased information and that he didn’t represent any estate corporation. That is the reason there were vast amount of followers on the site.

Noosphere agency

Max Polyakov decided to branched out of his employer in order to create his own real estate corporations. He had raised funds for years and then to bought a small office in the center of the city. Later it became the Max Polyakov’s Noosphere Agency. His followers from the blog became his clients and soon the blog turned out to be a big holding.

Max Polyakov’s readers asked to safe the blog, so he joined it to his agency. The blog is used to make the advertisements some of the objects in order to sell them. Since that time Max Polyakov obtained a big name in the business.

Future dreams and expectations

Now that Max has everything in his life. Now he is concentrating on making a legacy for his kids. Max Polyakov started to teach young people how to earn money and to be a blogger. He produced a segment that permits him to support his audience.

Max Polyakov has never left his blog. Having more free time, he makes serious research to depict even bigger dishonest schemes as well as expose and sell realty which were formerly not accessible. He accomplished to persuade people, who did not trust the real estate beforehand to sell their out-of-date belongings.

Life had radically changed for all the family of Polyakov, and this was because they discover a secret of reaching a success – hard work and devotion.


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