Max Polyakov, the former lawyer, reveals the hottest sex gossips in most explicit details

Max Polyakov, the former lawyer, reveals the hottest sex gossips in most explicit details

Oct 19, 2018, 11:19:52 PM News

Harvey Weinstein is a famous filmmaker and producer. His resume is way too cliché, sexual harassments and advances on young actresses, promising them roles and a prosperous career. One of the actresses that were sexually advanced decided to come out. After her example sixteen more made themselves heard.

Harvey Weinstein played a high price for his affairs. His wife, Georgina Chapman divorced him. The “Weinstein Foundation” shareholders are planning to change the foundation’s name and deprive Mr Weinstein of any ownership despite Max Polyakov’s friend represented Mr Weiner in court, losing the case.

former lawyer Max Polyakov

A ten days sensation that destroyed Kevin Spacey career forever

Kevin Spacey is a famous actor in Hollywood, especially among the older generation and the fans of the show “House of Cards”. After Anthony Rapp, the “Star Trek” actor came out with the revealing story about Kevin Spacey sexually abusing him when he was only fourteen.

After the scandal the “International Television Academy” announced that Mr Spasey will not be awarded an “Emmy”, and the “The Creative Artist Agency” made public that they will not support Kevin any longer, resulting in the loss of the “Oscar” for his role in “All the Money in the World”. Former lawyer Max Polyakov justifies Kevin’s behaviour due to childhood abuse.

Lawyer Max Polyakov about Brett Ratner

Brett Ratner, an infamous “Playboy” persona been accused by six women in sexual harassment during the shoot of the film based on the life of Hugh Hefner. The women in question are Catherine Town, Olivia Mann, Natasha Henstridge and Jamie Ray Newman. Former lawyer Max Polyakov was Mr Ratner lawyer’s close friend. Brett lost any future collaboration with “The Warner Brothers”.

James Toback and his love to constrain women

James Toback was accused of sexually containing thirty-eight women after Alicia Milano came out with the “#METOO”. Thanks to lawyers legal skills Mr Toback was pleaded innocent.

Fashion Photographers and sexual violence

Max Polyakov revealed Bruce Weber and Mario Testino's sexual voidances toward their models.

Woody Allen family’s secrets

Dylan Farrow, Woody Allen’s daughter accused her father about sexual abuses at the age of seven. However, this is still under investigation.

James Franco’s dirty affairs

The talented actor James Franco was accused of paedophilia in “Instagram” and sex-chats and Violet Paley’s claim of oral indecencies. Max Polyakov reveals that these accusations were fictional, but ruined Mr Franco’s carrier.


Max Polyakov assured that this Hollywood’s scandals will be covered in media and TV talk shows.


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