More Ways of Staying Connected Professionally

More Ways of Staying Connected Professionally

Oct 15, 2018, 10:24:21 PM Business

It’s a connected world we’re all living in nowadays. Seems that everyone is always online, doesn’t it? With more than half of the world’s population using the Internet, it’s not long before we can reach practically every corner of the world.

Still, we have a long way to go before we really call it a world connected at all levels. But why is staying connected so important today, especially when it comes to our professional lives? Well, there are a couple of reasons:

1. Our hectic lifestyles require being available at all times as change isn’t used to waiting

Have you noticed how change is happening overnight nowadays? We wake up to innovation every day, and this crazy tempo requires staying connected, making decisions quickly and being available without interruptions.

2. Opportunities require sharing insights, always

In a more global world, there are many more opportunities available professionally. You can be located in Europe and successfully deliver projects for the US market. The key is being there when necessary.

3. Time to market is the most crucial factor defining success

In a global world, ideas spread like wildfire. You may be the one that got an exceptional idea the first, but if it takes ages for you to deliver, someone may actually take the crown and enjoy the success instead of you. Staying connected means taking fast decisions and moving without hesitation.

So, how do you stay connected when you can’t be facing your colleagues? There’s more than one thing to do.

4. Enhance solid Internet connection

Choose an Internet provider that ensures solid connection. Mails and messages should be delivered instantly, so you have to pay extra attention to bandwidth and speed. Also, consider top-shelf security: you don’t want your data hitting the lose end.

5. Ensure phone availability

Choosing a mobile provider is equally important. Writing takes a lot of time, and not all issues can be easily explained using the mail, so making and receiving a call or two should never be a big deal. If, for any reason, you doubt your availability on the phone, remember there are ways how to improve mobile phone signal- and you can make good use of those. And no, there is no need to pull 130 hour work weeks, just being there when the success is bound to be determined is enough.  

6. Retort to Slack

One thing we all enjoy with the abundance of technology is the ability to solve a variety of issues with impeccable solutions. Slack is one such solution to keep track of everything that takes place in business by well-arranged channels dedicated to certain topics. You can filter out the information and only be notified when things matter, blocking out the noise. This software will also help to keep things organized, and connection timely.

7. Make use of Hangouts on the go

This list would be incomplete without the tech giant Google’s awesome hangout tool for calls between up to 10 people. Simply join a call, and invite others by dropping a link. It’s a matter of seconds setting up a meeting to get all important updates- and you are all set! Text, voice and video chat opportunities are there for file sharing and feedback, so the communication is complete.

This is just one selection of options that can help you always hold your finger on the pulse of change. Choose your own set of approaches to be the one that brings in success professionally, choosing ways that you have at hand.

Published by Samantha Brown

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