Nendoroids vs Funko Pops

Nendoroids vs Funko Pops

Mar 22, 2022, 8:39:33 AM Entertainment

One of the most popular toy companies in America is Funko. They have a wide range of pop culture figures such as Doc McStuffins, Cowboy Bebop, and Game of Thrones. These characters have become must-haves for many people. The company has impacted the market and is now well-known across the world. However, they aren't the only ones with a wide range of collectibles. Another company known for its cute, funny characters is Nendoroids. They make figures from Japanese manga to Disney films that all ages can enjoy. Both are made available by Avid Collectibles. Here are some key differences between these two toy brands to help you decide which one you should get for yourself or a loved one:

Funko has a wide range of pop culture figures.

Funko is known for its wide range of pop culture figures. The company has a wide variety of characters, including Disney, Star Wars, and Marvel. In contrast, Nendoroids has a limited number of figures. Their current lineup includes approximately 12 characters. They are focused on anime and manga.

Nendoroids is known for its cute, funny characters

Nendoroids' figures are not just from the United States. They have a wide range of characters, including Disney films and other popular anime. Additionally, they have many different sizes and shapes that would be perfect for everyone. They also have a wide range of accessories that you can buy to make your favorite character more realistic.

Funko is known for its pop culture figures like Game of Thrones, Doc McStuffins, and The Walking Dead. This company has made an impact on the market and is well-known across the world for its large collection of collectibles. However, Funko does not have much Japanese manga or Disney characters in its lineup. It mainly focuses on American pop culture icons that are very familiar to most people in America.

Nendoroids' figures are from Japanese manga Disney films

Funko is known for its pop culture figures. But the company also produces some original creations like the "Walking Dead." Nendoroids, on the other hand, is a relatively new company and makes all of its characters from Japanese manga, Disney films, and other popular cartoons.

Funko sells all types of toys and collectibles

Funko started mainly selling action figures of classic characters like superheroes and villains. However, they have expanded their product line to include other toys such as bobbleheads, tchotchkes, and plushies.

There are many different types of products that you can buy from Funko. They sell figures based on popular cartoons, films, franchises, and video games. There is a wide range of merchandise to choose from at any given time. Because there are so many different products available for purchase, you can find the perfect item for your loved one or yourself.

The good news about Funko is that they offer a wide range of products suitable for all ages. This means that if your child has become enamored with a certain character from the movies, TV shows, or games like Frozen or Teen Titans Go! they can get a representation of that character in their form as a collectible figurine.

Nendoroids only sells their brand of toys. 

Nendoroids is a Japanese company that only sells its brand of toys. They aren't a franchise or an American company like Funko. 

Nendoroids have plenty of international sellers

Nendoroids is an international company, which means that you can get your favorite character no matter where you live. Many stores in Japan, China, and Korea all sell Nendoroids items. The company has even made its way to Europe with a store set up in London.

Funko, on the other hand, is only sold in America. Some European sellers have licensed Funkos and sell them online, but they aren't as common as those from Japan or China.

The prices for the products are different for both companies

One of the first things to compare is the pricing. Nendoroids has various character figures that are all priced differently, while Funko has only 6 lines with the same price for each. The prices for Funko Pops are $9.99, but some of their figures might cost more than that due to how many pieces they come in. On the other hand, Nendoroids's prices range from $7.99 to $19.99, and all their products come in sets of two or more pieces which makes them less expensive than most collectibles on the market today.

Nendoroids also has a lot more characters available compared to Funko. They sell over 1000 individual items from their lineup compared to just 200 for Funko Pops.

The company's website also differs greatly between Nendoroids and Funko. While the Funko website is very clear about what they offer and includes customer testimonials and reviews, Nendoroids is less organized and doesn't have as much information about their products (i.e., who created them).


Nendoroids and Funko Pops are two different types of collectibles, companies, and products. The only thing they have in common is that they both have cute and funny characters.

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