Preparing for the Summer: Texas Olive Oil Recipes

Texas Olive Oil Recipes

Preparing for the Summer: Texas Olive Oil Recipes

May 29, 2022, 2:43:25 PM Life and Styles

As the days warm up and the summer settles in, we all take a deeper look at the meals we indulge in. The way we dive into the flavors we enjoy impacts the day's mood. Mealtimes become lighter and full of vibrant colors and exotic flavors. Getting ready for the summer is easy with the help of local produce, such as locally produced extra-virgin texas olive oil from the Texas Hill Country Olive Co.

Summer Picnics Are Here to Stay with Texas Olive Oil

Whether you feel like sprawling out on a patch of grass in the early morning sun or indulging in a midday picnic brunch spread, there are some must-have flavors to include in your picnic. As the days warm up, snacking on finger foods is a favorite for many. Sampling a little bit of everything in a picnic basket is the perfect way to enjoy a warm sunset

When it comes to choosing the right kind of flavors to create a winning spread, here are some themes to include and how you can recreate them with the use of Texas Olive oil:

Mood boosters 

Subtle hints of chocolate and strawberries make a comeback as they typically make you feel good. Try adding balsamic strawberries to your green salads for added zing, or serve them with lemon and olive oil shortbread, half dipped in dark chocolate to create a mood-boosting spread. 

Try these: 

  • Lemon-infused Texas olive oil- is perfect for any meal that needs a little citrus boost. Opt for a stronger blood orange infusion for meals that can hold up to the bold flavor. 
  • Strawberry and wild cherry balsamic vinegar uplift any macerated strawberry dishes such as pavlovas and green salads. 

A touch of nostalgia 

As many people seek creature comforts, nostalgic flavors are coming back. Flavors such as citrus are a hit; including a drizzle of citrus-infused Texas olive oil over salads or on meals that need a little citrus lift is the perfect way to add peppery comforts. 

Other homey comforts such as cheesy pasta and lasagnas are also set to hit the forefront as people seek out the taste of carefree childhood summers. When creating these meals, don’t be afraid to use sophisticated ingredients in even the simplest dishes to add a little extra flavor. This mainly works well for pasta salads with wild arugula and crumbled feta. 

Try these; 

  • Hoijiblanca for finishing pasta dishes as it adds a light peppery finish and fruity undertones to uplift any meal. 
  • Citrus or Blood orange-infused EVOOS to add a little touch of zing from the past. It enhances peppery notes in pasta salads or meals that need a lift.

Bold and bright 

After a year of global stress, people live for vibrant flavors to beat the blues. These flavors are set to uplift the mood and add exciting flavors combinations to meals. Bold fusions are coming to the forefront this year. Harissa and other tastes from the middle east are set to marry the classic flavors found in everyday life. 

Try these: 

  • Harissa infused Texas Olive oil drizzled over meats and mushrooms for added flavor is another way to create bold and bright flavors.
  • Pomegranate or bourbon balsamic vinegar sprinkled over the creamiest vanilla ice cream is one of the most decadent sweet dishes.

Using Texas Olive Oil To Create Refreshing Salad Dressings

While it might be true that when people think of salads, they think of endless mountains of leaves scattered with pieces of soggy tomatoes in with a bunch of vegetables thrown into a bowl. Salads in the summer of 2022 are not just about dreary leaves scrunched into a bowl. They are all about protein, plant power, and exciting additions such as edible flowers and microgreens. 

  • Portuguese Grao Salad - Perhaps one of the most famous salads from Portugal and the Middle East, this is made in various ways. Still, each one is sure to include fresh chickpeas, slices of onion, cilantro, lemon juice, and lucious glugs of the finest Texas olive oil. 

For this dish, try using rich and grassy Texas olive oil to add a layer of flavor to this earthy salad. Swapping the lemon juice out for lemon-infused balsamic vinegar is a great way to add a little sweetness to this tasty salad.

  • Beet and avocado salad - Combing the comforts of creamy avocado with the earthy, nostalgic taste of the beets, you can never go wrong with this salad. Try using oil made with Arbequina olives is perfect for this purpose as it needs a light and delicate touch. Serve it on a bed of locally produced microgreens and a hearty drizzle of a citrus-based dressing with orange juice and a light Texas olive oil. 
  • Mini roasted beet and goat's cheese salad - While creamy textures from the previous beet combination are comforting, this earthy dish benefits from a bold and vibrant Texas olive oil with strong peppery notes. A Hoijiblanca or a rich texas olive oil with fresh green olive flavors is the perfect finish for this dish. Serve with vibrant edible flowers for delicate pops of pepper.

A Note On Seasonality 

Presentation is often one of the most critical parts of a meal. It can harness the elements of each season and the flavors that represent them. You should use seasonal produce to ensure that each bite is fresh. Truly great salad dishes need to harness the full flavor profiles presented in season. 

By using readily available fresh produce, you will find the right product to create mouth-watering combinations that defy the traditional ideas of boring salads. Don't be afraid to use different cooked proteins such as beans, roasted chickpeas, and even slivers of crunchy tofu to add dimensions to your salads. Harissa bacon is also a winning combination to add a little vibrance to a backdrop of fresh green leaves. 

Succulent Dips for Crunchy Vegetables 

Raw and crunchy veg deserves to be highlighted and enhanced with the earthy flavors of rustic country-style dips. Whether you are packing a picnic or simply creating a range of packed lunches to brighten your workday and bring a little sunshine into the office, you cannot go wrong with these;

  • Hummus with roasted peppers and sun-dried tomatoes - Roasting seasonally sweet peppers in a light Texas olive oil and blending into a traditional hummus spread with slivers of sundried tomatoes and finished with a drizzle of a robust EVOO is one of the best ways to include earthy yet comforting flavors to any sandwich or to dip roasted sweet potato wedges into. 
  • Tahini and feta dip - Whether you opt for entirely plant-based feta made from tofu or traditional feta, this dip is a winner in any setting; it is vibrant, tasty, and full of flavor. Serve it with a delicate Texas olive oil for the best results as the roasted sesame's natural flavors and the feta's salty earthiness are set to shine. 

Whether you are strictly BBQ in the summer or want to try out a few new vibrant meals to add a little boldness to the warmest days, you cannot go wrong with seasonal and fresh produce. One of the most significant themes to hit this summer is local is lovely, so be sure to support local will infusing flavors from around the globe. 

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