Safeguard Your Home with These Easy Home Security Hacks

Safeguard Your Home with These Easy Home Security Hacks

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Your home is your haven; somewhere you can relax and feel safe and comfortable. Nonetheless, you can only keep yourself and all your belongings safe by securing your home. Often, locking doors and windows is the extent to wish many people go to protect their homes. 

Even if you live in a safe neighbourhood, there’s still a chance that your home can get burglarized. Even so, there are many simple measures that you can take to secure your home against break-in incidents. Here are some easy and low-budget security hacks that can help you secure your home.

Install Home Security Cameras

Outdoor and indoor security cameras will warm burglars that they are being watched even before they attempt to break into your home. Even if they go ahead and break in, footage captured by the security cameras will help law enforcement officers to identify those who are responsible and bring them to book.

When purchasing home security cameras, you should look out for features such as motion detection, built-in capability, and night vision. These features will help you monitor your property in real time, thus making it easier for you to thwart any break-in attempts.

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Keep Valuable Items Out of Sight

When criminals break into your house, they obviously want to leave as soon as possible. Often, they steal valuable items such as jewellery, expensive art, electronic appliances, and other goodies that they can sell or pawn easily. Rather than leaving such items in places that are easily accessible, you should hide them in safes. A simple wall clock safe can help you store small valuables.

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Make it Look Like You are Home

Home break-ins often happen when owners are not at home. This includes when you are away at work or vacationing as a family. If a burglar thinks that someone is home, he/she is unlikely to break into your house. To mislead potential burglars into thinking that you are home, you can leave the TV on, or use smart devices that help you control your home lighting system remotely.

If you are away for a considerable period, arrange to have your garden maintained regularly. You can also ask a friend to stop by and check on your property regularly or you can hire home guardians. Similarly, you should stop your mail. These simple hacks will create the impression that you are home, thus discouraging any break-in attempts.

Secure Your Sliding Door

Burglars often intrude homes via sliding glass doors due to their simple and easy-to-pick locking mechanism. Therefore, you should make your sliding doors foolproof by placing hardwood dowels inside the doors’ inside tracks. Ensure that the dowels snugly fit into the track.

Thieves will find it difficult to open the door once you block the sliding track even if they pick your sliding door lock. Dowels care available at local hardware stores at an affordable price.

Eliminate Hiding Place Outdoors

Before burglars break into your house, they must have surveyed the area for a while to monitor your movements as well as study the security measures that you have in place. To prevent this from happening, get rid of possible outdoor hiding places.

This will make it harder for thieves to survey your house while planning a break-in. Likewise, it will be harder for them to break in unseen. You should also install outdoor lights that have motion sensors. It will be hard for thieves to sneak up on the house unnoticed.

Strategic landscaping can also prevent home break-ins. This entails ensuring that bushes and trees near your house are well trimmed and that they do not provide any hiding places to burglars.

Download Crime-Tracking Apps

Even if you address your home’s security vulnerabilities, you will still be susceptible to break-ins if you are not aware of what’s happening in your neighbourhood. According to home security experts, Crime tracking apps can help you monitor criminal activities in your neighbourhood.

Once you have crime statistics at your fingertips, it will be easy for you to take extra precautions to ensure that your family and belongings are safe. With these apps, you can monitor methods that are typically used by burglars in your locality. Consequently, it will be easy to devise measures for securing your home.


You can never be 100% safe from thieves. Nonetheless, you can still implement measures for ensuring that your property and loved ones are safe. Protecting your home starts with being aware of the security vulnerabilities that you face. If you opt for installing a security system on your home, check this comparison article on Best Home Security Systems of 2019 by Porch.

You should identify security weaknesses so that you create custom hacks for safeguarding your home. The aforementioned hacks will go a long way in helping make your home a safe and comfortable place for you and your loved ones.

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