Shoplazza | How to Choose the Best eCommerce Shopping Cart Solution

Shoplazza | How to Choose the Best eCommerce Shopping Cart Solution

Oct 21, 2022, 4:28:00 PM Business

An eCommerce shopping cart is crucial to any online retail store as it simplifies and streamlines the eCommerce customer experience. The shopping cart software used for online shopping carts lets visitors quickly select and purchase a product or service from the interface. Like in the real world, you can quickly add or remove items. 


If you're an online retailer, we recommend reading this article, as we'll educate you about choosing the best shopping cart software solution for your business—AKA an eCommerce essential. 


Types of Shopping Cart Software

Three types of shopping cart software are available:


1. Open-source shopping cart software

While this software is usually free, it's not suitable for retailers that prefer the whole package. With an open-source, you're responsible for performing updates and uploading them to a web server. 


2. Licensed shopping cart software

Usually offered for a one-time fee, and the company is responsible for all software updates. Like open-source, this type of software has to be installed and maintained.


3. Hosted eCommerce platforms

You have the whole package with this software-as-a-service solution. For a monthly fee, all retailers get all the built-in features and then some—highly recommended for its hassle-free solution.


Choosing an eCommerce Shopping Cart Solution

The US eCommerce market is expected to reach $875 billion in 2022, making it the second-largest market after China. You need an excellent website AND shopping cart solution to penetrate either market. 


Use the tips below in choosing a suitable eCommerce solution for your business. 


1. Identify your goals first. Will you be selling to consumers or businesses? Do you intend to sell locally or globally? How many products or services do you plan to sell? What shopping cart features do you need? Knowing your goals can help you find the most suitable solution.


2. Choose a shopping cart solution that enhances the checkout experience by offering several payment options in multiple currencies. Doing this can help generate more revenue for your business. 


3. Look for a dropshipping solution powered by AI algorithms—it provides an effortless shopping experience with faster checkout and less contact. 


4. Have an Amazon store? Select a solution with a one-click Amazon integration to let you seamlessly sync all your products to your store. 


5. Ensure the solution is user-friendly and offers the whole package. You don't want to keep doing all the updates as it wastes time. 


6. Do they offer customer support? It's always best to have a support team you can count on.

While having the best eCommerce solution is crucial, you must create a website that attracts consumers. Make it professional and easy to navigate as it contributes to a great user experience. 


Shoplazza ticks all the boxes. You can start selling in your seven-day trial, and they have an excellent shopping cart solution for eCommerce businesses. So really, it’s in your best interest to try Shoplazza first. Don’t worry. You can thank us later.

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