Simple Bedroom Cleaning Tips

Simple Bedroom Cleaning Tips

Apr 16, 2022, 1:21:06 PM Life and Styles

If you read online cleaning tips, chances are that the majority of tips are reserved for cleaning bathrooms and kitchens.

However important cleaning your bathroom and kitchen is, that’s not all of your house. Cleaning your bedroom can be equally important if not even more so. After all, you sleep in your bedroom, you want it to be clean and the air in it clean.

Cleaning experts at Castle Keepers of Greenville share some of their most useful tips when it comes to cleaning bedrooms.

Fix the Clutter First

Our bedrooms are largely out of sight for other people. That’s why most of us feel more comfortable leaving clothes all around and perhaps not making the bed each day.

However, creating a place where clutter is allowed to proliferate is not the best idea, since it might gradually spill over to other rooms, too.

Make sure that all of your clothes are either in the laundry basket or in the closet, and that you always make your bed. Making your bed has less to do with cleanliness and tidiness, and more to do with discipline, but it is still a valuable lesson to learn.

Manage Air Quality

One of the biggest problems with the bedrooms is almost always the air quality. A lot of people don’t like opening their windows to let the fresh air in, especially during winter.

However, stale air is full of various allergens and microbes which might cause you to get ill much more often if you don’t ventilate your room. Opening the window every morning after you have gotten up can do the trick, and you don’t even have to be in the room.

Cleaning Your Bed

The base of most beds in the US is wood or some wood derivate. That means that it is probably lacquered, too. Cleaning a lacquered surface is fairly easy and doesn’t require much time, but it needs to be done relatively frequently. There are specialized furniture polish products which you can use, or you can make your own with lemon oil and baking soda. Just be sure not to damage the top coat of lacquer.

If your bed is made of metal, don’t use chemicals if you don’t know how they will react with the metal. Instead, using a damp cloth and some dish soap with warm water is probably best.

Mattress Care

Mattresses tend to last for a very long time, typically decades. However, over time they can become a bit musty and smelly. So, even if they are still far from being ready to be replaced, you have to do something about them.

Well, cleaning experts suggest that you should clean the mattress about once a year. There are two option, the first of which is to buy a purpose-made mattress cleaning product.

The other option is always the better one – make your own, one which will have no chemicals you don’t know and which you can easily and cheaply make with things you have around the house. All you need is some dish soap and warm water. You should whisk the mixture into a foam which you can apply to the mattress with a sponge. Let each side dry while you take care of the other one.

Clean the Carpets

Most people have carpets in their bedrooms, so taking care of them is just as important as cleaning the rest of the room. Vacuum the areas which are used the most and make sure that you are thorough since you will be breathing that air when you are sleeping.

Alternatively, whatever flooring option you have in your bedroom, don’t neglect it since it is a large area of your room and it can get quite dirty.

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