Some Essential Items for Married Women to Celebrate Karwa Chauth

Some Essential Items for Married Women to Celebrate Karwa Chauth

Oct 23, 2018, 1:30:25 PM News

Karwa Chauth is a remarkable festival celebrated in North India with full of enthusiasm. It is the best day of married women to pray for the longevity and happiness of their husbands. Most of the women start preparations a week before the Karwa Chauth. It is a special day which gives all married women a chance to shower their love to their husbands.

Karwa Chauth is also exciting and energetic for all married couples. They perform all essential rituals to commemorate the Karwa Chauth. Most of the married couples also exchange some beautiful karwa chauth gifts in the evening. Married women perform some rituals like take fast whole the day for long life and prosperity of their husbands. They also make a promise to be with each other in a deep relationship of husband-wife forever.

Following are some essential items to celebrate Karwa Chauth traditionally with your partner.

Sargi Items:

It is one of the necessary items of the Karwa Chauth fast. An earthen pot is filled with some food items to give all the married women in the morning of Karwa Chauth. Sargi contains items like dry fruits, homemade sweets, matthi, baked potatoes and fresh seasonal fruits, etc. It is given by mother-in-law to daughter-in-law to make her strong for the whole day Karwa Chauth fast.

Baya Tradition:

We all know some basic traditions of the Karwa Chauth. Baya is gift giving ceremony which is performed by all the married women during the Karwa Chauth fast. Married women exchange Baya items with their parents. It includes things like new dresses, money, sweets, fruits, earthen pots, and jewellery, etc. They also get blessings for the well being of their beloved ones.

Mehandi for Women:

Mehandi is the symbol of married women happiness on a particular occasion. It is also one of the important things which women need for Karwa Chauth. They also consider Mehandi as a mark of ‘Suhagan’. Every married woman has to put a beautiful Mehandi to their hands, arms and feet. It helps to doubles their beauty on the memorable occasion of Karwa Chauth.

Other items for Karwa Chauth:

There are different items for performing evening Puja on Karwa Chauth. It is a worship of moon on Karwa Chauth, so you need a Karva or a vessel which contains fresh water. They put Karva on the Puja thali, and married women drink water from their husband’s hand to break the Karwa Chauth fast. After that, husbands feed their wives with delicious sweets and desserts. Some husbands even order the online cake to give some delightful moments to their wives. Then they enjoy a delicious dinner at home and feel the fantastic moments of the Karwa Chauth.

Sieve for Watching Moon:

A Sieve is also essential Karwa Chauth item for married women. They see the moon through it during the evening  Puja at home. Then married women see their loving husband’s face through it. Most of the women use crafted Sieve to celebrate the special day of Karwa Chauth.

Ornaments and Apparels:

Married women need some jewellery items for the ornamentation on Karwa Chauth. They also love to wear their traditional jewellery to perform all the rituals of Karwa Chauth. Most of the women buy new jewellery as a memory of the day. They also have to purchase new apparels like sarees, lehengas, and designer suits etc. Both jewellery and clothes are essential to look glamorous on Karwa Chauth.

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