Talk To Any Stranger With These 7 Conversation Starters By Funchatt

Talk To Any Stranger With These 7 Conversation Starters By Funchatt

Jul 22, 2022, 3:14:56 PM Life and Styles

Simply because you recently moved to a new neighborhood or joined a new social media chat platform like Funchatt does not mean making friends is going to be an easy task. There is nothing wrong with trying to be friends with new people you meet around a new place. Knowing new people and catching up with them is very important, especially if you are feeling homesick or a little lonely.

Even though it is okay to just wait for new people to approach you or message you first, it is important to understand that you will also need to get the guts to approach them. This will enable them to see that you are not just a new person, but someone who has something to offer to society.

In this article we have compiled 7 conversation starters you can use to make new friends:

Keep reading to learn about them.

These conversation starters will work great with any group of people and will help you achieve any type of friendship that you want to strike up with them.

“I just came here recently”

This is a simple introduction and a very effective way of introducing yourself to any stranger you meet. Such an intro helps you put yourself first, which is essential. Next time you find yourself in a state where you want to make an introduction, just use these simple lines “I just got here recently and do not know anyone”.

Usually, the first thing they will ask you is “Where are you from?” or “Why did you move here”. If you are introducing yourself on a chatting site, for example “I am new to this site, still don’t know how to use the live stream feature”. The other person may try to explain how it works. You are still going to get a response even if they don’t know.

“Do you know how to contact Funchatt customer service?”

Assuming you are new to a place or a platform such as Funchatt where people go to have casual laughs and chats, you can ask for directions on how to do something. In this case you may message someone first and ask them if they can tell you how to reach customer service quickly or how to find suitable matches on the platform. This may sound obvious, but it is an effective way of starting a conversation.

The person you ask may be nice enough to explain to you how things work or how to find what you want, and from there you can start chatting and making new friendships.

3. “Do you use this site often?”

If you spot someone attractive and would like to meet them, then you can use this line. It works perfectly because when you ask them if they visit the site often, you can tell them that it is your first time.

This will lead you both to the next point which is starting off a conversation about how great the site is and how it is a place worth going to if you want to have fun with new people. Naturally conversation will flow, and you may end up becoming great friends and meet in real life.

4. “Hey, you’ve got a great taste!”

This conversation starter can work anywhere. Whether you are on an online chatting platform or in real life. For example, if the other person is wearing a piece of jewelry in their profile photo, you can say,  “Hey, you’ve got a nice taste for earrings”. Naturally they will say thank you. From here you can go on and ask, “Where did you get it from?”, and from there conversation will go on to other topics or subjects.

Such a conversation starter is also good because it shows the other person you’ve been checking them out for sometime and has shown genuine interest in what they wear or like. You can use this starter to also initiate a conversation about something that you and the stranger likes. When they realize you have something in common, they will be happy to respond to you.

5. “Your hair looks wonderful!”

It can be many other things as well, not just hair. When you come across someone you like, find something about them and use it to start a conversation. Compliment how they look, as this will male them really feel good about themselves. 

There is no better way to cheer someone up other than telling them how good they look. That is why it is the easiest way to start a conversation with someone new.

6. “What is your favorite feature on this site?” 

All over the world, everyone has something that they like and feel good about, on Funchatt for example most people like the messaging and watching streams. What people like even in real life says so much about them. You can tell if they are adventurous, strange or fun kind of people by what they like doing.

After asking them what they like, you can go on and talk about your preferences. If both of you discover that you like the same places or same food then you can start creating a strong lasting bond.

7. Be observant

You need to be a quick and observant person. In some instances, making close observations may come out as insulting, some strangers may tell you to mind your own business. But when you do it effortlessly and creatively, you might get a smile or a conversation.

For example, if you are seeing another person wearing good looking makeup, there is no problem in asking them what foundation they used and where you can buy it from. If you are a guy and need to speak to a lady, you can offer her a little help. Little acts of kindness are usually welcome. Positive comments can be well received and help start a conversation and strong friendships. 

Join Funchatt and start chatting now! 

Published by Samantha Brown

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