The Best NFL Fantasy Apps on The Market

The Best NFL Fantasy Apps on The Market

Jun 12, 2021, 2:09:16 AM Sport

With the new NFL season rapidly approaching, they'll be over 70 million diehard and casual football fans wanting to enhance their weekend kick-off excitement. As smartphones consistently advance their software, companies always offer the most innovative available fantasy football mobile applications. So as the new season is upon us, let us review our favourite NFL fantasy football apps that you should consider using. 

NFL Fantasy Football 

Who better than to supply fantasy football than taking advantage of the direct source, the NFL itself! Taking player statistics and the latest news from the National Football League offers more than the regurgitated information you regularly find elsewhere. 

It should be no surprise that the NFL has access to content that you will not be able to find anywhere else. With added features like watching the game live from your NFL Fantasy Football app, users can keep track of the game's scores. Another cool feature is Next Gen Stats, helping players determine which players are wise to start and who should be benched. 

The NFL's easy to navigate fantasy page is simple to use even for the amateurs; it's entirely free, customizable, and a great place to host your league. 

Yahoo Sports Fantasy Football

Yahoo Fantasy Football open for 2020 NFL season: Sign up to play

Yahoo Fantasy Football's all-in-one app sits at the top of leading players in the market, and this is no surprise with Yahoo's reputation and the fact they jumped on board the fantasy sports world so many years ago. 

A significant aspect of Yahoo Fantasy is that they cover all major sports, including hockey, baseball and basketball. With Yahoo Sports and Rotoworld, you are provided with data and analysis for your players. And if you chose the option, their football app can offer a unique service for daily or weekly games to win real money. 

Yahoo generates a recap giving customers a complete breakdown of how each matchup plays out, with all the highlights and lowlights your heart desires. There are even a few surprises included (confetti for winners), and the all-important game analysis by Yahoo's expert fantasy sportswriters that's delivered in real-time similar to NFL live odds

CBS Sports Fantasy 

Much like Yahoo, the CBS Fantasy sports app delivers a wealth of choice when decided which sport you want to play, but to no surprise, NFL football remains king. 

CBS Sports Fantasy is available for all of your fantasy football requirements between the draft day until the Championship game. A nice touch in the form of a built-in league chat lets your talk smack between league mates whilst viewing the league results, power rankings and much more. 

A varied number of stats, player news, rankings and projections offer in-depth information, unlike other apps. Experienced news analysts are available to provide you with the need-to-know news. Even if you favour your league to run on another platform, CBS is excellent for its analysis and projection features you can use to assist your play in other fantasy football apps. 

Sharp projections are updated via SportsLine by the minute, and the Gametracker feature guarantees you won't be waiting around for the score to update once the play is made. 

ESPN Sports Fantasy

ESPN Fantasy Football Now - Awful Announcing

ESPN holds a significant user base in the world of fantasy sports, and for excellent reasons. The simplicity of using the ESPN Fantasy Football app is enough to keep customers coming back for more. The FFL Toolkit is the perfect reason by itself, with the customizable ranking (report cards) weekly, giving recaps of the week's games. This makes trash talk a whole heap of fun. 

Managing your line-ups has never been easier; the inclusion of IBM Watson makes the important game-day decisions when deciding on who to start. The access to a plethora of fantasy football content daily keeps users informed about fixtures, overlooked players, and many more. 

ESPN Fantasy Football is entirely free, but it makes paid apps seem like a complete rip-off with their dedication to providing the best service. The ESPN website and app work in conjunction and deliver the goods on phones, tablets and desktops alike. 

This free and straightforward to use fantasy football app makes life easy, especially for those wanting to cause a stir between rival players. 

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