The Dos And Don't Of Invisalign Treatment

The Dos And Don't Of Invisalign Treatment

Jun 17, 2022, 5:54:05 AM Life and Styles

Invisalign treatment has been one of the best options for straightening and realigning the teeth over the past few decades and being one of the oldest and most popular precise aligner products introduced and manufactured by aligning technology in 1998.

Since then, the Invisalign treatment has created a name and has become one of the most trusted and effective options to consider when to realign or straighten your teeth.

So many people have taken Invisalign treatment over the years because of its authenticity and effectiveness yet still unconsciously violate the rules that guide the usage of the Invisalign product. If you are among these individuals, below are some tips that will enlighten you about the dos and don't of Invisalign treatment and a lot more about the Invisalign treatment.

What Is Invisalign Treatment?

Invisalign treatment can be best described as the clear and effective alternative to metal braces for kids, teens, and adults.

Invisalign is the product name of a well-known thin clear aligner company, and it is commonly used for orthodontic treatment. This thin clear aligner is produced from a flexible thermoplastic material popularly known as smart tracks.

According to the product's name, it is made to make orthodontic treatment less obvious, as stated by the American Association of orthodontic.

Even though the Invisalign aligners may not be entirely invisible, these clear coverings are solidly positioned over your teeth. They are very less obvious than the brackets and wire of traditional braces.

The uniqueness of Invisalign aligners is that they can be used for different purposes, including crowding and spacing issues and some mild and moderate bite issues.

The Invisalign aligners can also be used to treat or correct the following dental issues, which include:

  • Open bites
  • Crowded teeth
  • Gap teeth
  • Various types of overbite, under-bite, and cross-bite issues.

After knowing what Invisalign is and what Invisalign treatment is all about, many more people will like to jump on the product. If you wish to correct all the deficits in your teeth through Invisalign, then below are some lists compelled for you about the dos and don't of Invisalign treatment.

Dos Of Invisalign Treatment

Getting effective and smooth results while going through Invisalign treatment requires you to follow certain guidelines, which include:

Always Maintain Clean Invisalign Aligners.

Make a habit of cleaning your Invisalign aligners every day with a clean and soft-bristled toothbrush and rinse them with warm water afterward. Leaving your aligners unclean even for a day will make them dirty and invite plaque and bacteria, which may cause other unplanned dental problems.

Reduce The Intake Of Snacks And Coffee

Suppose you are addicted to snacking and drinking coffee every few hours. In that case, you will need to stop or reduce your habit. While eating snacks and drinking coffee, your Invisalign aligners will be removed from your teeth, stopping or reducing the aligner's effectiveness if the aligner has been removed from your teeth every few hours.

And never attempt to drink coffee and consume snacks without removing the aligners. This Is because caffeine leaves little dots on your Invisalign and then, in that process, spoils its purpose of being discreet.

Make Sure To Brush Your Teeth Before Inserting Invisalign Aligners On Your Teeth.

Make sure your teeth are clean before putting on your aligners. If you put on your aligners on unclean teeth, the food that remains in your teeth will get stuck in your aligners, generating bacteria and plaques in the process.

Keeping on good oral hygiene while going through your Invisalign treatment is essential because it will keep you safe from other dental problems.

Put On Your Invisalign For 22 Hours A Day

The effectiveness of Invisalign in straightening or aligning your misaligned teeth is second to none. But the desired result of the Invisalign treatment depends on you as well. You will need to put on the aligners for at least 19-21 hours per day to derive the desired result. You are only allowed to remove them when you want to eat, drink, or clean your teeth.

Keep Your Invisalign Aligners In Their Case Only

Invisalign aligners are known to be transparent. So, if you keep them anywhere without being properly cared for, they may get damaged without you knowing. You need to keep them in their case after removal, even for a little minute. It will also prevent the aligners from coming in contact with germs and bacteria. Hope you find this information useful!

Don'ts Of Invisalign Treatment

Now that you are familiar with the dos of Invisalign treatment, below are some important don'ts that you need to consider to get your desired result while going through Invisalign treatment.

Never Expose Your Invisalign Aligners To Air & Heat.

Never expose your aligners in the open because they can easily contact germs and bacteria from the air. Always make sure they are in their case when not in use.

And always make sure not to drink any hot substances or wash your Invisalign aligners with hot water because exposing them to heat will make them fold and disturb their fitting.

Never Eat & Drink While Wearing Your Invisalign Aligners.

Never be too stressed out to remove your aligners before taking your meal or drinking anything except water. Your aligners are not structured to take pressure from chewing. And they can get contaminated with food and drinks.

Never Consume Sugary & Sticky Foods.

Although there is no limitation on the food, you can take while going through your Invisalign treatment. We should never forget that sugary and sticky food can cause damage to our teeth, and we can get cavities by consuming these kinds of food.

Never Use A Harsh Or Strong Toothbrush To Clean Your Invisalign

Using a strong and hard toothbrush to wash your Invisalign may cause scratches to your Invisalign aligners, and those scratches can easily be visible to others. Don't ever clean your aligners with scented or strong cleanser.

Never Postpone Or Delay Your Meeting With Your Orthodontist.

Never for once should your appointment with your orthodontist be taken for granted because they are required to monitor the progress of your Invisalign treatment and make timely changes if necessary.

You will be able to get your desired result by following these few dos and don'ts during your Invisalign treatment. Be sure to consult a dentist at West Lake Dental Group to start your preventative care. 

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